Dungeon Runners adventures 2

After the first fun time messing around in the start zone of Dungeon Runners I got the second line of quests from the npcs there. I once more ran through the Dew Valley and reached the level 2 portal. In this area there were more monsters that I needed to kill rather then scattered around in Dew Valley level 1. I found myself enjoying myself as I played at a leisurely pace, looking at the gear that was dropping, comparing it to mine, and either keeping it or leaving it. I picked up a major health potion which increases your health by %50 over a few seconds, but only members are allowed to use it. People like me can only use the lower quality one which increases your health by %40, but its not a huge deal so I'm not complaining.

I made my way through Dew Valley lvl 2 and reached the lvl 3 portal. On the way through I had picked up some nice items that had dropped from various chests. The chests are scattered around all around the place, generally at the deep corners of the map, so it encourages you to explore everywhere. They are guarded by slightly stronger enemies then usual but the chests drop some pretty nice things so its worth trying hard. By then I was starting to get slightly tired with the scenery as it was all the same, I liked the various rays of light that shined down from above, I say above because the view camera doesn't let you look at the ceiling.
Another thing is that the chat screen is so large that it keeps getting in the way of combat, at the time no one was talking or linking stuff so nothing particularly annoying happened but I don't see why they don't allow you to adjust its size.

Anyway, I finished by quests about halfway through lvl 3 and ported back using a wayward scroll exactly like Diablo. I handed in the quests, talked to various npcs to get the next line and cleared out my inventory somewhat. I had used my only wayward scroll so I bought some more costing me $500 which was a pretty high price, but you never know when you will need them.

The quests directed me to two new areas, some place called Rattle Cave and a town called Townston. (Funnily enough) I dreaded the thought of trawling the Dew Valley lvls again in search of the cave that was supposedly in there somewhere but in the end it was easy to find and complete the quests. After handing the last quests in I realized I had finished the nooby starting zone and I gave myself a pat on the back, I was now level 5 although looking pretty much the same as the last couple of levels as I hadn't acquired any better gear.


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