NaNoWriMo...2 months late

I've been thinking for some time now about doing the NaNoWriMo challenge. As you probably know I had my final exams at the time when everyone else was undertaking it. Now after a good long holiday I'm thinking for having my own little NaNoWriMo challenge in January. I feel pretty determined, but as many have said it gets prettyterrible after the first two weeks.

My aim is to write around 50,000 words which will consist of Part 1 of my planned novel. Some of my long time readers will remember when I challenged myself to do 500 words a day, but that only lasted a few weeks before I grew frustrated. This time I intend to do two major things:

Have a good plan: I'm going to spend the next few days trying to get a really good understanding of where I want the novel to go, what I want to happen, and who I want the characters to be.

Stay motivated: This is kind of what I'm looking forward to. The way I plan to stay motivated is to create a unique soundtrack that will be exciting when I'm writing action stuff, and more soothing for the slower, story-focused stuff. I will probably watch a couple of my favorite action movies and animes to keep the ideas and concepts coming. I'm also going to take inspiration from characters from Baldur's Gate such as Minsc, because he basically defines what I want my characters to be like.

Your oppotunity to powerlevel with Chappo (+ video)

Hey guys, sorry I haven't made a post in a while, the past week or so has been pretty hectic, and my Gran who had been sick for a long time passed away on Christmas day. So instead of giving you that long opinion post on WoW I'll just post up this short video I made.

Also, importantly, if anyone is interested in trying out WoW I would love to do another recruit-a-friend thing. I'm getting a bit frustrated with my alliance/US server combo. If you like the idea of some insane powerleveling to 60 then just leave a comment and we can do it together. Mind you, I will be playing probably an Undead warrior on an Oceanic server. If Horde/Oceanic sounds good to you then what are you waiting for?

Go see it

If you are thinking about going to see the movie Avatar in 3D, take it from me; its epic. In every sense of the word. Go see it.

The tragic story of my (WoW) life...thus far

I have been almost pushing myself to make this post for a while now, but haven't made the time until now. There is a lot I want to talk about so this might be a fairly long post.

The main reason that I resubscribed to WoW is because I found out a good friend of mine had played it in the past. I had made a joke of him playing it all year (Not actually knowing that he did) at school asking him about WoW and how much raiding he had done over the weekend. He denied the whole year and it wasn't until after school had finished did he admit to playing. We started talking about the game and we discovered we had a very similar interest: twinking. It wasn’t long before we decided we should do some dual twinkage.

But he couldn't just resub on his old account because it had gotten hacked, just like mine had. We could have tried to get everything back from Blizzard but in the end we decided it would be fun to level new characters with the Recruit a Friend triple experience. He rolled a mage and I chose a warrior. Now this is where it gets slightly confusing. I am a horde guy, I have nearly always played horde and wanted to continue doing so. However as I said before, both my friend and I are majorly into twinking and he had a good guild up his sleeve that would fund our characters. (Its also hard to earn enough gold as you level to train up when you are leveling so fast.) This guild was on Durotan: a US server and part of a battlegroup which houses nearly all the 19 twinks in WoW whereas the other battlegroups have fairly dead twinking communities. Ultimately this means consistently high pings which is a bit of a nightmare in battlegrounds, which in my mind, defeats the purpose fo rolling twinks in the first place.

So despite all that both he and I rolled alliance characters on the Durotan server, fast forward two weeks and things are pretty different. Despite our original thoughts we have been able to fund our twinks quite well. We were able to be run through stockades a couple of times when we were a fairly low level. This rocketed our levels up, but also supplied us with a lot of much needed gold. Feet of the Lynx dropped as well which sells on the AH for over 250g which allowed us to pocket a lot of cash. Ultimately we used this gold to get both our twinks up to 150 engineering. From the looks of it, we won’t need the help of the twinking guild which was the reason why we rolled alliance/US. It doesn’t help that I grouped with some of them and they were all pretty much elitist jerks.

Anywhoozles, our characters are sitting at 55 now, and after running a couple of BGs I've noticed that I am at a severe disadvantage because of the ping. It is extremely irritating to hit charge and run at a target but end end up a few kilometres behind the guy, or better yet, just charge in the opposite direction of one of your enemies. (Which happens in the video below)
Right now I am thinking of fully twinking out my 19 hunter (Including all the new BoA gear) and leaving him with probably 1000g before transfering my warrior over to an oceanic server. Now I'm a bit annoyed that I'm stuck with an alliance character on a server which hits me constantly over the head with the lag bat.

I think I'll stop here, this post has just updated you to where I'm at, I'll follow this post tomorrow or some day in the future with one detailed my actual thoughts and opinion on the game and its new features (Such as the 3.3 LFG system). But for now I'll just leave you with the video that I made for my youtube channel. Enjoy :P

There's no easy way to break this

I bought the WoW battlechest a few days ago. Yup. Just a week ago I had no intention of trying out WoW again after 2 years of abstinence, but somehow I got lured in. A good friend of mine just resubscribed to the game and he offered to recruit me and level together with triple experience. As it happens we are both PvP nuts, and both planning on making 19 twinks. (I had 4 horde twinks on my old account) I took my computer over to his house for afew days and we played a fair bit and what suprised me so much was how easy Blizzard had made the game, I mean mounts at level 20?? The triple experience was incredible and we both hit 32 yesterday. I'm playing a fury warrior (soon to be arms) while my friend is rolling a frost mage.

It feels weird having been lured into playing WoW in such a short time, and I kind of feel bad because I was looking forward to playing Allods Online a lot and making videos. I am still planning on doing that, but I doubt I will have time to play the CB2 or OB, however I will definitely start a character at launch. Lastly, not sure whether I mentioned this earlier but I also bought COD4 last week when it was sitting at 30 USD, been playing that a fair bit, and boy is it fun. Mainstream casual gaming times ahead. :P
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