Your oppotunity to powerlevel with Chappo (+ video)

Hey guys, sorry I haven't made a post in a while, the past week or so has been pretty hectic, and my Gran who had been sick for a long time passed away on Christmas day. So instead of giving you that long opinion post on WoW I'll just post up this short video I made.

Also, importantly, if anyone is interested in trying out WoW I would love to do another recruit-a-friend thing. I'm getting a bit frustrated with my alliance/US server combo. If you like the idea of some insane powerleveling to 60 then just leave a comment and we can do it together. Mind you, I will be playing probably an Undead warrior on an Oceanic server. If Horde/Oceanic sounds good to you then what are you waiting for?


Arthin said...

I would do this... I even dinged 60 under a week ago. Still I wouldn't mind if it wasn't for the fact that I live in Europe.... If there was a way round this, I'd do it for sure. I am a little fed up with alliance.

Anyways, good luck man!

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