Funniest. Video. Ever (Watch all of it if you can stomach it, they save the best until last)

I had a great post (If I do say so myself) all lined up but blogger stuffed up and now I can't even recover my draft. Sadface. So instead I'll give you guys a link to probably the funniest video I have ever seen. Make sure you watch it until the end! Its one of those great videos that you see something new every time you watch it. Brilliant stuff.

Photoshop Sig (WoW version)

Had an idea for a post for the past week but never found the time to write it up. Instead I'll just post a WoW sig I made up.This was kind of inspired from my 'Blur' poster. As you can see its not that great but hope you still like it :P

That looks painful


Scouts nerfed again

Well everyone who plays one knows that the Scout is the weakest class in RoM at the moment and has been ever since the hard nerf they got shortly after release. Our damage is nothing compared to the rogues and mages, we have to spend a fortune on arrows, and we have to upgrade far more abilities to make certain skills decent or even usable at all. (See my previous post, as well as the posts on the RoM Scout forums, where people clearly outline the Scout problems) So the Scout has been broken for some time now, and it has been clearly broken. With the new patch being released today many hoped that Runewaker would get their act together and finally fix the Scout class and nerf the insanely OP mages. Guess what? They didn't.

Turns out Runewaker hates Scouts more then anything and completely overlooked all their faults and decided to nerf them a bit more, with the distances of most of our abilities being shortened. Now, as I have rarely done instances on my travels in RoM I haven't got a clear picture of how useful I actually am, but I'm assuming that when I hit 50 then few groups are actually going to want me. I am starting to think about making my Priest my primary class at least until Runewaker wakes up and does what they should have long ago. Sadface

I'm late...Photoshop Saturday (#Let's not do numbers anymore)

Well, looking over previous posts I'm beginning to think maybe I should get someone to proofread them before I click 'create post' because of the amount of grammar or spelling mistakes. :P
Anyway, yesterday was Saturday and I forgot to post my Photoshop exploit so here it is. The question is: would you go?

I was showing off to my brother so I did it really quickly, its not for anything specifically so I leave it up to your imaginations. :P

Ability Combinations

I'm actually beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. For a long time I have felt that that for my scout I have a very linear type of combat. I had three main abilities which I basically spammed until they were dead. If my health dropped too far then I would simply pop a HoT on myself using my priest's ability. And for a long time I thought that this was all there was, and all there ever would be, but today I realized I was living in a bubble.

I feel quite stupid now because all that time I had never really had a close look at the abilities on offer, once or twice I had glanced over them, but never really considered what they did. But today I took the time to have a closer look and what I found really excited me, now I'm beginning to think tactically about what I am going to do with my skills.

Combinations...that is what its all about. I discovered an ability that increases my critical points (Critical points translate to your critical chance) by a certain percentage, but to activate it and keep it going I would have to pay 3 focus points (Like a rogue's energy) every few seconds or so. The ability stops when I run out of focus points. This means I have to closely watch my abilities to make sure I don't run out of focus. In something like a boss fight, however, I also have another ability that could come in handy. This ability increases my focus regeneration rate by 100%. This combination will be pretty powerful in the endgame where I effectively increase my critical chance by a significant amount for little payment.

The second combination I discovered is similar to the one above in many ways. An ability I activate increases my ranged damage by a certain percentage in exchange for paying a certain percentage of my entire health every few seconds. This is even better then the one before because I'm so going to have two abilities that make up for this health loss. The first I already have, and that is the basic Priest HoT, but I am soon going to gain a new elite ability. (Elite abilities are unique to your class combination, and are gained when both classes are at specific levels such as 15/15, 20/20 etc.)This new ability will cause one of my strongest damage dealing abilities to give back life equal to the amount it dealt. Awesome, to say the least.

So with my discovery of these two combinations, my interest in the combat has significantly increased and now I'm looking for even more powerful combos.

WARNING: This post may contain some bizarre and nonsensical elements

Finished. Done dusted. The End. Exams are over but I begin school again on Monday so... :(
Yesterday while I was minding my own business and not doing any study I chances to hear some eerie music emanating from the study. I go and investigate and behold I find my little brother playing Runescape in all its wonder and glory. With. My. Dad.
Yup, my little brother playing Runescape with my male parental figure. Just thought I would share that as a little insight into my personal life.

But onto what I really want to talk about. If I had to draw a 'fun graph' of my time in RoM it would be like a kid on a trampoline who had drunk far too much red cordial. That is to say, big highs and big lows. And lots and lots of them. The reason for this is that the leveling system in the game is severely stuffed. As you level you will often hit huge leveling walls where you are simply forced to grind out daily quests until you level and more normal quests are made available. It would be alright if this only happened occasionally but, unfortunately, this happens continually in RoM. Almost every level now I get a massive boost as there are plenty of quests to do and the xp comes easy, but before long they all run out and I'm sitting halfway through a level with nothing to do. Then I have to spend the next 5-6 days grinding to the next level before I get another big xp boost.

The reason for this is easily explained: the developers want to make money. By slowing the player down they are encouraging them to buy some xp pots from the shop and hurry it all up. The longer the player plays the game, the greater the chance that they will buy something. However, there is a slight upside to all this; daily quests do give tokens which are essential in the end game. All the top players will tell you that you need to do as many as you possibly can to be prepared for the raiding and such. But while doing this daily quests may give us a benefit in the endgame, personally I would just like to actually reach the endgame before I die from smashing my head against the wall in frustration. Mum is already beginning to complain about the holes.

And in conclusion to this bizarre and convoluted post I leave you with another skull picture!
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