TCG madness

Well, I had the idea of starting up a trading card game such as Magic the Gathering yet after a lot of rummaging around I realized that collecting them could wind up being a lot of money. There also was no real guarantee that I would get any decent cards. So I decided to at least wait a while before I started throwing my money around. A new idea came to me when my little brother started to get frustrated about Yu-gi-oh! and said he wished he could make his own card game. *Bing* So thats what I have been doing for the past couple of hours; making up my own trading card game.

It wasn't that hard to get into as I wasn't out to invent an entirely new game. I decided to make a fast and exciting game where you are able to wield enormously powerful monsters and your opponent is able to defeat them just as quickly. I made a simple template for each card on Microsoft Publisher where I can easily make a new card by sticking a picture in, writing in a title, and some information. I have ended up with 9 'cards' for every A4 sheet. It really is quite a thrill to make you own cards. Already I have started thinking up series of cards for certain strategies and such. To save time I have been grabbing pictures off the internet rather then drawing in monsters myself, for while I am a decent artist it would take far too long to draw all the pictures up.

So, its off to an exciting start. I haven't yet made enough cards to play a game, but that will come along soon enough I'm sure. The only real problem is that the 'cards' are only a normal paper thickness and will easily tear, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Oh, as a final note, Wizard101 beta is closing very soon and apparently us beta testers will get a unique item that no one else will get when the full game is launched. This might be enough to draw m back in as I haven't played for a while now with all the WAR hype going around.

Magical mobsters gathering

Life has been fairly slow for the past couple of days. I managed to finish my epic Ancient History presentation which wasn't a total fail which was good. Please don't shout at me but I have been playing a lot of a myspace game called Mobsters. It is quite addictive and is the only game I have been playing in my limited spare time.

You begin by starting out as a little unknown mobster and level 1. You need to do some missions to gain money with which you buy equipment or property which gives you money hourly. The equipment is usually weapons such as a crowbar, or uzi, or a minigun. With this equipment you can attack other mobsters who give you s small amount of money and experience. You have a mob in the game as well who consist of any friends you have on myspace who also have the Mobsters application. As your mob grows, you grow more powerful, able to complete bigger and more rewarding quests. Unfortunately, this can be used as a easy way to win because I have seen many people advertising for anyone to add them to their mob. In the end they end up with 500 mob members and 500 myspace friends who they do not know and never communicate with. Anyway, there is also a big highscore board of sorts which shows you the top mobsters, with the most fight victories, or most money and some other statistics. It certainly is very fun, and unexpectedly addictive.

Also I have started to get interested in the card game; Magic the Gathering. I have heard others talk about for some time but never checked it out. One of my biggest gripes about trading card games is that they are so ridiculously expensive. However, I plan just to buy 200 or so cards for a relatively cheap price and just use them to play with my brothers. I bought a couple hundred Yu-Gi-Oh! cards a while back and still occasionally play with them, but I am looking for something a bit more different and tactical which requires a bit more skill and strategy. I know Tobold has gushed over the game before so looking forward to seeing how good his judgment was. Do any of you guys play MTG, or have played? What was your experience with it?

Its begun

The storm has begun. I logged into google reader today and got hit by a mass of articles, all about WAR beta. Its going to be an exciting couple of days ahead as open beta looms ever closer. Now I'm beginning to wonder about whether I will still blog my experiences in WAR when it is launched because the blogging world already seems saturated with WARness. Oh well, something to think about.

Updating files...

No, I'm not going to talk about the open beta start, the NDA lift, and the filefront download because innumerable bloggers have already said all there is to say. Just to say that I won't be in the open beta, and I haven't been in the closed beta, meaning that I won't be posting tons of posts analyzing the game, highlighting the good and bad aspects of the game and making videos of each class. As I see it, most people have already made up their minds about whether they are going to play it or not and most probably bias videos from excited bloggers (This class is awesome!!! So much damage!!) aren't going to help a whole lot. That doesn't mean I'm any less interested in the game, its just I want to experience everything as new. My worst fear is that people will convince me otherwise to play the class that I am planning to. But, lets not talk abut that. Perhaps its time for another boring computer update?

It has been pretty much of a disaster. I kept getting stuck on one page for a couple of days while trying to install vista. A friend came over to try and fix it, I went over to another friend's place to try and fix it all with no luck. I contacted the seller and he asked me a ton of questions, and gave me lots of advice but it didn't work. In the end we figured out that the problem was most likely the hard drive, after hours and hours of tests. For a while I thought it was the motherboard which would have been painful to replace. The seller, who has absolutely excellent service, has just notified me that they will be sending a new hard drive over here to replace my faulty one. Hopefully this works because its already taken a lot longer then I had expected. Everyone I know is having a good old laugh because I did the worst thing possible by buying off of ebay, but thats life.

I am eagerly waiting for my next edition of PC Powerplay as they have a world exclusive on Spore. Thats right, a real spore review. Apparently EA changed their code of silence for the press from 25 August to 20 August just for them. It going to be incredible. Good reading.

Pox Nora

The world of blogging seems to be in a state of uproar. Bloggers everywhere are being consumed by the beast that is WAR. All of a sudden everyone is in the beta or just about to, after registering their codes. Countless tortured souls live with fear in their hearts of accidentally breaking the NDA. It would seem very odd then to talk about something not at all related to WAR, but this blog is about what I'm playing and thats not going to change. While I was on a guild's vent the other day I heard one guy talking about a game called Pox Nora. Supposedly there was a new expansion to it. I vaguely remembered seeing an advertisement for the game, and perhaps even checking out the website, but I hadn't played it. Since he was pretty excited about it I decided to go back to the website and see what to fuss was about.

It caught my interest, or maybe just caught me unprepared (longing after WAR) but I decided to give it a go. The download wasn't too big and I was soon going through the tutorial. Pox Nora is a strategy game in which you get a dozen or so runes, which act as warriors, spells, or something like buffs. You can only place down a certain amount of these runes a turn as they require something called Moga, which you acquire automatically after every turn. Each player has a keep which when destroyed ends the game. Pox Nora is quite strategic and will take one or two games to get used to, but even then its pretty fun. I played a few online matches and lost miserably but learned some new things. After the end of a match your units gain some experience, and when they lvl they get stronger. So far I'm enjoying myself so I recommend you trying it out.

Ancient Rome questing

At the moment I am working on an extensive research assignment on Ancient Rome. My class were told to look into a certain aspect of the society such as slavery, or the military back then and then present the results a few weeks later. As an extensive research assignment it is worth a significant amount of our semester mark so its important to do it well. Of course, I have been procrastinating like crazy and only now realize how much work I'm going to have to do. As we were given about 4 weeks to do the assignment I had half-heartedly tried to get an early start on it but almost instantly lost interest and then stowed it away and forgotten about it, but now its come back to haunt me. This is a quite bad metaphor of some the types of quests that I have encountered in my mmorpg gaming life.

The quests I am talking about are the ones that are too difficult, take too long, or just aren't very interesting and quickly accumulate. When you grab one of the said quests you of course have a stab at it, but then realize how boring/long/hard it is and just leave it for later. Note that these are not the quests that do not give any decent gear because those you can easily discard without a second thought, these quests are the ones that really mean something, that have great rewards and incentives. As a result you keep those quests in your options so you can always do it later when you are more powerful. Soon, these quests compile and you are stuck with tons of quests whose rewards aren't that great anymore because you left it too late to try it again.

So what's the solution? Well, the logical one is to make all the quests easier/more interesting. Yeah, thats simple enough. I had an idea that these quests rewards could increase slightly over time as you gain lvls, but the objective remains the same. I mean, as the player gains lvl the gear in the quests improve slightly, not very much, just a little. Leave it too long and the gear quickly becomes redundant, but if you wait 2 or 3 lvls then the gear could still be nice and the objective much easier. I haven't thought a whole lot about this, but it would be interesting to see how well it would work in the situation. I know I would certainly like to have it, but it is my idea after all. But while I think there is a solution for the boring/time-consuming/tough quests, there will never be one for the quests where you carry around a 'quest item' that hogs your inventory space except, of course, for total extermination. *Shudder* Those quests are evil.

Updating files...

Finally my new computer arrived. Apparently there was a mixup with the company that was supposed to deliver it and it arrived a week later then expected. I was starting to get a bit worried because I had bought it off eBay....nuff said. But it has arrived and looks very nice. It has a massive fan that glows blue when you turn it on which I thought was quite a nice touch. Its also very quiet which is what I was also looking for in a computer. The only problem is that it hasn't got any operating system yet and I have no idea how to install one myself so am going to wait for a friend to come over and he'll do it for me.

Top 3 toons

Ok, in light of the looming presence of WAR I have added a new feature to the blog where I have my top 3 toons. These are the ones that at the present time I am most likely to play, and will most probably be constantly changing.

Chicken tactics

Both Keen and Graev and Tobold have been talking about the chicken idea that Mythic are incorporating into their game in order to stop ganking. They delve into the situation quite well and look at it in a very thorough and intellectual way. Well I am going to talk about the same chicken affair as well but please don't expect me to write like them. I possibly may have posted on this before because I do recall talking about it sometime before, so I apologize in advance if this is the case.

From the way I look at it, the chicken situation can be a tactical method in RvR combat. It occurs when a high lvl attacks a less powerful, lower lvl player easily being able to defeat them, supposedly they will instantly turn into a chicken who can be killed in one shot. Fun. But I don't see what there is to prevent high lvl groups from running around with low lvl toons in their midst. I mean, Order and Destruction are fighting it out on a battlefield. Order are pwning (of course) everyone because thats how they roll. Destruction gets tired of losing and call in some really low lvl toons. The Order champions are deceived by this devious and outrageous maneuver and mistakingly begin to attack the low lvls thinking they are the same as the rest of all the other Destruction freaks. Hence, they get turned into chickens and are easily finished off.

Ah, the joys of speculation, we bloggers make our living out of pondering what could happen. Still, you never know; it could happen...

World of world of warcraft

Well I was lazy and having a pretty bad day so was trawling youtube for something interesting and found this. It made me laugh as its so well done.

Updating files...

Ok, as you may have guessed I am kinda excited about WAR and in all likelyhood going to be playing it for a while. During the time I play I will be giving accounts of my adventures in the game, I don't think I will do a review of the game, although I will certainly address and give my opinion on certain aspects of it.

Most likely I won't be playing the day of launch. This is because I don't feel as though the WAR preorder box is good enough value. From the searching I have done the standard version is $80 including postage which is really quite significant. And what do you get with it? An entrance into open beta and the headstart, as well as some small items ingame. I also presume that it comes with a free month's gameplay even though it doesn't say so anywhere. Call me a party pooper but I don't think that is worth $80. I think one website has the option to download the client for $50 and that might be what I end up doing.

Hopefully Mythic allows anyone to download the game client regardless of whether they are in open beta or not, and then I will purchase a 60-day time card for $30. Which really gives me an extra month of gameplay for less then half the price. Fingers crossed that this will happen, but what I think is more likely is that Mythic will change the standard preorder version to one without the open beta and head start at a much reduced price. Granted, this will probably occur a few days after launch, but I'm too much of a sting to do anything else.

Still my new computer fails to arrive so I'm not going to go with the option of downloading it for $50 for a little while. Luckily WAR is released on a Thursday with the headstart a day or so sooner, and I have Ancient History on that day. I'll chuck a sickey and miss that truly awful subject. So some things are looking bright, and others just a little confused and undecided.

I don't know about you...

...but I want to have a good PvE experience in WAR. I want to do a bit of raiding and and boss fights. As much as I love PvP and the whole idea of RvR I want to get my guild together, jump on vent, and run an instance. Now, Mythic have recently given a bit of insight into their PvE game and it looks very nice indeed with the three sections of an instance with various mini-bosses and a final master boss at the end. All good. What I am concerned about it that Mythic have hidden away the best PvE end game content in RvR, meaning that they have plonked some sweet instances right in the middle of the opposing forces' main city.

This means two things; you are forced to RvR all the way up to the highest lvl, fight off lots of baddies, hope that you have enough allies so as to reach the best instances. the I am thinking that you will need to grab your guild together real quick so as to run the instance before you lose control of the city. (unless of course you defeat the king) The other choice is you can RvR all the way up to the city, clear out huge amounts of enemies, hope that you have enough allies, and then decided whether to do the instance or not.

See the difference? No? Well, either you RvR because you want to do the instances at the end, or you RvR because you love to RvR and conquer. Either way you are going to want to RvR to get what you want. This is a clever tool by Mythic to encourage people to RvR as much as possible. I am sure that the rewards for completing a dungeon in the opposing sides' capital city will be enormous; something that everyone will desperately want. But this doesn't really work out too well for the PvE lover. Sure, they will be able to many of the PvE dungeons separately for some time, but in the end they will have the best PvE gear and the only way to upgrade will to be get to the capital city instances. This however could take a long time of doing something that they had hoped to avoid.

So WAR isn't going to be for the PvP-avoider or PvE dedicated, sure there will be plenty of stuff for them to do aside from RvR but only for a certain time. Let's hope that Mythic balance the PvE and RvR gear right because it would be a disaster if those PvE junkies rock up to RvR and are unable to do anything decently, or on the other hand, begin to annihilate those who did not do very much PvE, if any at all.


I thought I should make a post about hype because it seems as though everyone is talking about it. And by everyone I mean just a couple of my fellow bloggers. The word is going around that Mythic have been over-hyping their game like crazy, and when its going to be released there will be some repercussions. The repercussions may be in the form of raging gamers who thought that WAR would be THE next game, maybe others will just be slightly disappointed. Personally I feel that the complaints of over-hyping a game are pointless until the actual game comes out. Why? Because you can't tell whether the game is going to actually live up to the hype until you have actually experienced it. Perhaps, of course, some of the bloggers are in the closed beta and have been playing for a while and do not feel that the game lives up to the hype which is understandable.

I don't think that Mythic have over-hyped their game. I think what they have done is clever marketing. (which can be I guess be seen as just another way of saying 'over-hype') They have released a lot of production podcasts which explain the interesting and exciting aspects of the game, they have made their development interviews exciting and interesting (Thank you Paul Barnett) and they have listened to their fanbase and given them what they asked for. Can this be classified as hype?

About a year ago I had recently quit WoW and was looking for a new MMO and I came across Fury. It was a game developed by an Aussie team which focused completely on PvP. The hype for Fury wasn't significant, and certainly quite timid as opposed to WAR, yet I was still really excited about the game. Sadly there were many, many things wrong with it and it didn't sell. Only a few days ago it shut down its servers. Why am I mentioning this? Well, I think that there is nothing wrong with hype. While there was very little hype for Fury I still was very interested in it, and consequently was extremely disappointed with the result. WAR (apparently) has been overloaded with hype and I am waiting with sweaty hands to play it, yet I know that if the game doesn't turn out as I hoped I will be no more disappointed then with Fury. Developers should not be blamed for over-hyping their game; its their job and in the end hype is not what the developers make out their game to be, but what the player makes out the game to be in their mind. While this ideal may be effected by the stuff churned out by the developers it is not totally dependent on it as demonstrated by my experience with Fury.

Open beta thoughts

I think I'm going to have to up the quality of this blog after being linked to by Syp over at the great WAAAGH blog, but I still can't remember that brilliant idea of a post that I had yesterday. A few months ago my WAR guild had a competition in which the winner would gain the codes from a preorder CE which the GM had purchased. Luckily I won with a drawing that I had done, and received the codes however, unluckily, the guild shut down and I lost contact from the GM. A situation has arisen just recently after Mythic shut down their old beta center website and started a new one for the Open Beta codes. Unfortunately, since the GM sent me the codes through the guild website mailing system I can't retrieve them, after the website was shut down. I have sent him an email since and hope that I will be able to receive them in time to try out the WAR open beta but who knows?

Now I'm pondering whether I will really mind whether I miss open beta or not. I saw it as an opportunity to test out all the classes and decide on my main, but it isn't that significant. After the NDA lifts everyone is going to be posting like crazy over what they think so I'll be getting plenty of info about it. The deluge of information and hype at the moment is unbelievable and I feel myself slowly turning slightly mad. So, open beta looks great, and I would be off my socks if I get my codes and get to play, but if I don't then I'll be satisfied to wait and play the game on launch with my new computer. (Which still has not arrived...I have limited patience courier people...I need my little beast) What I am really looking forward to is a couple of months after release when everyone is just cool, calm, somewhat collected, as they get to relax and just truly enjoy the game. Hype is extremely tiring...I feel like a nap.

Less is more

I had the best idea for a blog post today but then I forgot it before I could write it down, so instead I'm just going to write whatever comes to me and hope that it will come back so I can make it a post for tomorrow.

I was reading a post from Tobold today as he was discussing what he would be playing in the next couple of months, between WotLK and WAR. Tobold appears to be a pretty hardcore PvE player who rarely PvPs. WAR will have PvE in it but it is not a focal part of the game unlike WoW. However, I don't want to talk about PvE and PvP, I want to talk about numbers. Keen an Graev discovered this article from gamesradar in which these guys get an in-depth look at a couple fo the dungeons on offer. And I'm not going to talk about that either, I'm here to talk about numbers. Let me explain;

While reading through that article I noticed that Mythic had said that there were armour sets for each of the instances, in fact for every single PvE dungeon. This adds on to the whole lot of RvR sets available making quite a considerable number of armour sets that one can acquire. I think Mythic said it was around 400 sets. That is an awful lot of different types of gear, a massive amount, and there are many potential problems with this.

For starters, one must wonder what people are going to do if they find two sets of armour that they really like, and perhaps have minor differences for different situations in RvR or PvE action, which of course will inevitably happen with so many armour sets. Will we have a quickslot bar that allows one to change instantly between armour sets? And just how much bag space will having these armour sets take up? The other problem with so many sets is distinction. Maybe everyone will look different and crazy, but it will be hard to tell who has got the best gear. I loath to compare to WoW but it has the many Tiers of armour; everyone knows what they look like and they lust for it. But with 400 sets you could be running around with one set of armour, thinking that you have some pretty sweet bling, and all the time your gear sucks, and you, along with many others, never knew.

Big numbers are not necessarily good; in LotRO there were a ton of deeds you could do to get a prestigious title but after a while, there were so many that having a crazy one that took you 8 hours of grinding salamanders for is never noticed. If you tone down on something then it becomes more noticeable. I will be interested to see how Mythic pull the feat off, fingers crosses that they know what they are doing. Then again, my number of 400 could have been somehow completely tired imagining (Too many tests and early mornings) and this post will have been a waste of time. I still have remembered what I was going to post before but I guess this will have to suffice.

Wrong game

A few weeks ago I decided to subscribe to an Aussie gaming magazine; PC Powerplay. With my subscription they offered a couple of free games to choose from. The games were Chessmaster, Ghost Recon, Prince of Persian, Splinter Cell, and Settlers V. PoP instantly caught my eye so I asked for that one. Waited for a couple of weeks and got the first magazine which was really good so I'm quite satisfied with my subscription, but only just today has the game arrived. Unfortunately it wasn't PoP. It wasn't even any of the above stated games, instead I have just received Call of Juarez. I don't how this mistake was made and I don't know whether I'm going to keep it, let alone play it. My current computer is too old to ruin any modern game so I won't be able to test it.
I'll probably send an email over the PC Powerplay team an email asking them about the mix up. Have any of you played this game? What do you think of it?

More content - same reaction?

Remember just a few weeks ago when Mythic announced that they were chucking out a couple of classes and cities? I wasn't too concerned by the news as I felt that Mythic really were taking nothing away from the game because I hadn't experienced the game. However, I know this is different for those that were forced to rethink which class they were going to roll, and in extreme cases whether they were going to even play WAR anymore. Now as I look back I begin to wonder what people were actually getting angry and upset about.

People were angry because Mythic had sold them a product and then changed it 'completely.' They were angry that Mythic had changed the game dramatically just when everyone thought the game was ready to play. People were upset because they thought this signified that Mythic were not really near finishing at all. And of course, people were upset because their favorite classes had been removed.

Now I don't want to rehash the whole situation, and what I think of their ideas. I think I may have done it in a previous post anyway. What I want to suggest is what would be the response of the same people if Mythic had added instead of removed content to the game? I mean what if they had added a whole new race, with 4 new classes who could choose between Order and Destruction? What if Mythic made these characters amazingly good, and so much more interesting then many of the original classes. What if they had added in a ton of stuff that changed the whole concept of RvR? Would people get angry at Mythic because suddenly their favorite characters all of a sudden looks puny compared to the new classes? Would they complain that Mythic had changed the game completely just before the release of the game?
I'm sure there are many different things to discuss in relation to this topic and I look forward to hearing your comments.

20 years in the future

I was talking to a friend the other day and we were discussing what games were going to be like in 20 years. Games have developed astronomically in the last 20 years but could they do that again? My instance idea was of course not, graphics already are incredible, virtually life-like, think Crysis-they really can't get any better then that. But the longer I thought about it the more I realized that I was looking at it from a very linear view, meaning that graphics aren't the only things that are going to improve greatly. Here is my idea/hope of what games are going to be like in another 20 years, this is from the view of PCs.

The computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers will all be one single piece, slightly like a console. There will be of course the option to buy additional speakers but it is not a necessity. Games will be nearing current Pixar animation-like graphical detail. The gaming worlds will be much more interactive, such as leaves blowing out behind you as you gallop past on your tame war tiger. (In World of Warcraft; The Wrath of the Never-ending MMO) Damage models will be almost life-like, violence in games will need to be reduced because of it's life-like feel and atmosphere. There will be a huge array of animations for the simplest of things- instead of bumping into a log and having to either jump over it or move around it, the player will be able to simple 'climb' over it with only the slightest pause. AI will be beefed up and bots will be programmed to play exactly like humans, programmed to make minor mistakes, but also to think for themselves in a much broader way then in today's games. Oh, and you will never need to go to a store again-you will be able to buy any game online, download it in a matter of minutes and play it.

Some of this prediction is pure wishfulness, but I believe that much of it will occur. The strength of the gaming community is only growing and more and more 'casual' gamers are popping up. Gaming is not just for nerdy teens anymore, it is for everyone. As such the industry will get bigger and bigger, with more money being invested in new technology. I mean, just imagine what the people in the late eighties early nineties would have said if we would have shown them this;

as opposed to this;

What I hate about some guilds

This post isn't meant to be just a 100% negative post funneling all my rage its just meant to be about what I really can't stand about certain guilds and what they are doing wrong.
Maybe its just me but I hate hardcore guilds in general. I also dislike many 18+ guilds' attitudes towards others. I don't like guilds who's only aim is to get over 1000 members regardless of their level or status, meaning that they don't kick anyone despite them having not played the game for over a year. (Yes I have seen it) And I don't like guilds whose higher lvls form a whole little elite group amongst themselves and you only get counted in after you get to their lvl of awesomeness. You might say after this that I am a guild hopper and I guess that is true, for the times that I played WoW and LotRO I didn't have very good guild experiences.

In WoW I mostly got entangled in guilds that really didn't really who I was, or where I was in the game, just that I was a number in the long list of members. Hoarding members is not productive or helpful and yet you still see guilds advertising that they "now have over 400 members!!!" The guilds often tend to be run by a lvl 32 kid who spends more time spamming general chat with his guild advertisement then he does actually moving his piddly little character around.

Then there are the hardcore guilds who do care about their guild numbers, and also care about where you are from (what timezone) what class you are, what spec you are, how long on average do you play on weekdays, how long on average you play on weekends, and the biggest thing of all; whats your gear like? After all this, if you manage to squeeze in they will slap a one month trial membership on you until you prove your worth in the higher eclipses of the raiding instances. I understand all this, I know that there are always people that are not satisfied with playing normally but it still gets irritating to go through all the questions and tests just to find that your resilience isn't up to scratch.

18+ guilds are kind of a pet peeve for me and not just because I'm not 18. The rule is obviously set in place so the guilds don't get flooded by squeaky voiced kids that ask to be run through instances all the time, and also so that everyone in the guild is able to swear and tell dirty jokes without an angry parent beating them over the head, in summary; immature people. I understand this, and that isn't what I hate about these guilds, its the all too often fact that the rule is disregarded, and I don't mean that in the literal sense where the guild allows a 16 year old (like me) to join, but in the sense that they allow immature players in all the time. These players are often over the age of 18 and this is used almost as a badge that prevents them from being accused of the horrendous crime that is immaturity. Too many times I have entered a 18+ guild (I am just a naturally mature person...most of the time) and found myself hating it because everyone was studying me all the time for any stupid, or bad taste remark while all the other fellas where acting like obscene apes. Age does not equal maturity.

Finally the guilds that have a hierarchy of members that are of a high lvl and that seem separate from the rest of the guild. They never help anyone, never give advice, and only help those that can help them. Its a sad site to see a guild in this state for it always seems to end that those member eventually leave and the rest of the lower lvl players have to rebuild up once again. Its happened once and it was pretty bad.

Thats a lot to hate, I have just realized that its become a pretty long post, it wasn't really mean to be. Guilds can make you enjoy a game for a lot longer then you would have alone, but there are a lot out there that make you want to quit the game. Since the guilds play such a significant role in WAR I think its very important to find the best guild for you. It is a matter of personal preference as some people will accept things which others would leave for. Just a few days ago I was in a great WAR guild and this were looking really exciting with the looming release of the game, and all of a sudden the GM had had enough and the entire guild just folded. It was pretty saddening as I had hoped that I would have stayed there for a long time, but once again I have begun my search for the perfect guild. Funny but I have never even considered going through WAR without a guild.
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