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Ok, as you may have guessed I am kinda excited about WAR and in all likelyhood going to be playing it for a while. During the time I play I will be giving accounts of my adventures in the game, I don't think I will do a review of the game, although I will certainly address and give my opinion on certain aspects of it.

Most likely I won't be playing the day of launch. This is because I don't feel as though the WAR preorder box is good enough value. From the searching I have done the standard version is $80 including postage which is really quite significant. And what do you get with it? An entrance into open beta and the headstart, as well as some small items ingame. I also presume that it comes with a free month's gameplay even though it doesn't say so anywhere. Call me a party pooper but I don't think that is worth $80. I think one website has the option to download the client for $50 and that might be what I end up doing.

Hopefully Mythic allows anyone to download the game client regardless of whether they are in open beta or not, and then I will purchase a 60-day time card for $30. Which really gives me an extra month of gameplay for less then half the price. Fingers crossed that this will happen, but what I think is more likely is that Mythic will change the standard preorder version to one without the open beta and head start at a much reduced price. Granted, this will probably occur a few days after launch, but I'm too much of a sting to do anything else.

Still my new computer fails to arrive so I'm not going to go with the option of downloading it for $50 for a little while. Luckily WAR is released on a Thursday with the headstart a day or so sooner, and I have Ancient History on that day. I'll chuck a sickey and miss that truly awful subject. So some things are looking bright, and others just a little confused and undecided.


Esri said...

I'm pretty sure you'll have to buy a box. Registration will almost certainly require a CD code. I think FilePlanet/Direct2Drive have download preorders for $50 (US) though.

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