Open beta thoughts

I think I'm going to have to up the quality of this blog after being linked to by Syp over at the great WAAAGH blog, but I still can't remember that brilliant idea of a post that I had yesterday. A few months ago my WAR guild had a competition in which the winner would gain the codes from a preorder CE which the GM had purchased. Luckily I won with a drawing that I had done, and received the codes however, unluckily, the guild shut down and I lost contact from the GM. A situation has arisen just recently after Mythic shut down their old beta center website and started a new one for the Open Beta codes. Unfortunately, since the GM sent me the codes through the guild website mailing system I can't retrieve them, after the website was shut down. I have sent him an email since and hope that I will be able to receive them in time to try out the WAR open beta but who knows?

Now I'm pondering whether I will really mind whether I miss open beta or not. I saw it as an opportunity to test out all the classes and decide on my main, but it isn't that significant. After the NDA lifts everyone is going to be posting like crazy over what they think so I'll be getting plenty of info about it. The deluge of information and hype at the moment is unbelievable and I feel myself slowly turning slightly mad. So, open beta looks great, and I would be off my socks if I get my codes and get to play, but if I don't then I'll be satisfied to wait and play the game on launch with my new computer. (Which still has not arrived...I have limited patience courier people...I need my little beast) What I am really looking forward to is a couple of months after release when everyone is just cool, calm, somewhat collected, as they get to relax and just truly enjoy the game. Hype is extremely tiring...I feel like a nap.


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