Less is more

I had the best idea for a blog post today but then I forgot it before I could write it down, so instead I'm just going to write whatever comes to me and hope that it will come back so I can make it a post for tomorrow.

I was reading a post from Tobold today as he was discussing what he would be playing in the next couple of months, between WotLK and WAR. Tobold appears to be a pretty hardcore PvE player who rarely PvPs. WAR will have PvE in it but it is not a focal part of the game unlike WoW. However, I don't want to talk about PvE and PvP, I want to talk about numbers. Keen an Graev discovered this article from gamesradar in which these guys get an in-depth look at a couple fo the dungeons on offer. And I'm not going to talk about that either, I'm here to talk about numbers. Let me explain;

While reading through that article I noticed that Mythic had said that there were armour sets for each of the instances, in fact for every single PvE dungeon. This adds on to the whole lot of RvR sets available making quite a considerable number of armour sets that one can acquire. I think Mythic said it was around 400 sets. That is an awful lot of different types of gear, a massive amount, and there are many potential problems with this.

For starters, one must wonder what people are going to do if they find two sets of armour that they really like, and perhaps have minor differences for different situations in RvR or PvE action, which of course will inevitably happen with so many armour sets. Will we have a quickslot bar that allows one to change instantly between armour sets? And just how much bag space will having these armour sets take up? The other problem with so many sets is distinction. Maybe everyone will look different and crazy, but it will be hard to tell who has got the best gear. I loath to compare to WoW but it has the many Tiers of armour; everyone knows what they look like and they lust for it. But with 400 sets you could be running around with one set of armour, thinking that you have some pretty sweet bling, and all the time your gear sucks, and you, along with many others, never knew.

Big numbers are not necessarily good; in LotRO there were a ton of deeds you could do to get a prestigious title but after a while, there were so many that having a crazy one that took you 8 hours of grinding salamanders for is never noticed. If you tone down on something then it becomes more noticeable. I will be interested to see how Mythic pull the feat off, fingers crosses that they know what they are doing. Then again, my number of 400 could have been somehow completely tired imagining (Too many tests and early mornings) and this post will have been a waste of time. I still have remembered what I was going to post before but I guess this will have to suffice.


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