What I hate about some guilds

This post isn't meant to be just a 100% negative post funneling all my rage its just meant to be about what I really can't stand about certain guilds and what they are doing wrong.
Maybe its just me but I hate hardcore guilds in general. I also dislike many 18+ guilds' attitudes towards others. I don't like guilds who's only aim is to get over 1000 members regardless of their level or status, meaning that they don't kick anyone despite them having not played the game for over a year. (Yes I have seen it) And I don't like guilds whose higher lvls form a whole little elite group amongst themselves and you only get counted in after you get to their lvl of awesomeness. You might say after this that I am a guild hopper and I guess that is true, for the times that I played WoW and LotRO I didn't have very good guild experiences.

In WoW I mostly got entangled in guilds that really didn't really who I was, or where I was in the game, just that I was a number in the long list of members. Hoarding members is not productive or helpful and yet you still see guilds advertising that they "now have over 400 members!!!" The guilds often tend to be run by a lvl 32 kid who spends more time spamming general chat with his guild advertisement then he does actually moving his piddly little character around.

Then there are the hardcore guilds who do care about their guild numbers, and also care about where you are from (what timezone) what class you are, what spec you are, how long on average do you play on weekdays, how long on average you play on weekends, and the biggest thing of all; whats your gear like? After all this, if you manage to squeeze in they will slap a one month trial membership on you until you prove your worth in the higher eclipses of the raiding instances. I understand all this, I know that there are always people that are not satisfied with playing normally but it still gets irritating to go through all the questions and tests just to find that your resilience isn't up to scratch.

18+ guilds are kind of a pet peeve for me and not just because I'm not 18. The rule is obviously set in place so the guilds don't get flooded by squeaky voiced kids that ask to be run through instances all the time, and also so that everyone in the guild is able to swear and tell dirty jokes without an angry parent beating them over the head, in summary; immature people. I understand this, and that isn't what I hate about these guilds, its the all too often fact that the rule is disregarded, and I don't mean that in the literal sense where the guild allows a 16 year old (like me) to join, but in the sense that they allow immature players in all the time. These players are often over the age of 18 and this is used almost as a badge that prevents them from being accused of the horrendous crime that is immaturity. Too many times I have entered a 18+ guild (I am just a naturally mature person...most of the time) and found myself hating it because everyone was studying me all the time for any stupid, or bad taste remark while all the other fellas where acting like obscene apes. Age does not equal maturity.

Finally the guilds that have a hierarchy of members that are of a high lvl and that seem separate from the rest of the guild. They never help anyone, never give advice, and only help those that can help them. Its a sad site to see a guild in this state for it always seems to end that those member eventually leave and the rest of the lower lvl players have to rebuild up once again. Its happened once and it was pretty bad.

Thats a lot to hate, I have just realized that its become a pretty long post, it wasn't really mean to be. Guilds can make you enjoy a game for a lot longer then you would have alone, but there are a lot out there that make you want to quit the game. Since the guilds play such a significant role in WAR I think its very important to find the best guild for you. It is a matter of personal preference as some people will accept things which others would leave for. Just a few days ago I was in a great WAR guild and this were looking really exciting with the looming release of the game, and all of a sudden the GM had had enough and the entire guild just folded. It was pretty saddening as I had hoped that I would have stayed there for a long time, but once again I have begun my search for the perfect guild. Funny but I have never even considered going through WAR without a guild.


Crimson Starfire said...

I could nearly write a book on guild ideology and politics, I've been in so many of them. Although I don't like changing guild, in the end if the guild's ideals don't suit yourself, it's time to go. Having a good guild leader definitely helps though. Hard to find one that isn't less than 15 years old these days though ;)

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