Magical mobsters gathering

Life has been fairly slow for the past couple of days. I managed to finish my epic Ancient History presentation which wasn't a total fail which was good. Please don't shout at me but I have been playing a lot of a myspace game called Mobsters. It is quite addictive and is the only game I have been playing in my limited spare time.

You begin by starting out as a little unknown mobster and level 1. You need to do some missions to gain money with which you buy equipment or property which gives you money hourly. The equipment is usually weapons such as a crowbar, or uzi, or a minigun. With this equipment you can attack other mobsters who give you s small amount of money and experience. You have a mob in the game as well who consist of any friends you have on myspace who also have the Mobsters application. As your mob grows, you grow more powerful, able to complete bigger and more rewarding quests. Unfortunately, this can be used as a easy way to win because I have seen many people advertising for anyone to add them to their mob. In the end they end up with 500 mob members and 500 myspace friends who they do not know and never communicate with. Anyway, there is also a big highscore board of sorts which shows you the top mobsters, with the most fight victories, or most money and some other statistics. It certainly is very fun, and unexpectedly addictive.

Also I have started to get interested in the card game; Magic the Gathering. I have heard others talk about for some time but never checked it out. One of my biggest gripes about trading card games is that they are so ridiculously expensive. However, I plan just to buy 200 or so cards for a relatively cheap price and just use them to play with my brothers. I bought a couple hundred Yu-Gi-Oh! cards a while back and still occasionally play with them, but I am looking for something a bit more different and tactical which requires a bit more skill and strategy. I know Tobold has gushed over the game before so looking forward to seeing how good his judgment was. Do any of you guys play MTG, or have played? What was your experience with it?


Crimson Starfire said...

I've always wanted to play the Magic The Gathering card game. It's really hard to get into if you don't have a friend that knows the rules and can play with you. The online game was appealing, but it came with a hefty price tag if you had no idea what you were doing.

The mobsters game sounds awesome, I have to give it a look.

What was your presentation on?

Chappo said...

It was a research assignment where we had to look at an aspect of roman society. I chose slavery, which was very interesting but quiet stressful. I'd like history so much more if it didn't count towards anything. Basically ture about all my subjects. :D

Crimson Starfire said...

I absolutely love ancient mythology. My two favorites being Mesopotamia and Norse.

Roman slavery would have been interesting to learn about. I did my degree in Software Engineering, which unfortunately meant no history classes. I might go back to uni at some stage and do a part time history degree, because I love learning about that stuff.

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