TCG madness

Well, I had the idea of starting up a trading card game such as Magic the Gathering yet after a lot of rummaging around I realized that collecting them could wind up being a lot of money. There also was no real guarantee that I would get any decent cards. So I decided to at least wait a while before I started throwing my money around. A new idea came to me when my little brother started to get frustrated about Yu-gi-oh! and said he wished he could make his own card game. *Bing* So thats what I have been doing for the past couple of hours; making up my own trading card game.

It wasn't that hard to get into as I wasn't out to invent an entirely new game. I decided to make a fast and exciting game where you are able to wield enormously powerful monsters and your opponent is able to defeat them just as quickly. I made a simple template for each card on Microsoft Publisher where I can easily make a new card by sticking a picture in, writing in a title, and some information. I have ended up with 9 'cards' for every A4 sheet. It really is quite a thrill to make you own cards. Already I have started thinking up series of cards for certain strategies and such. To save time I have been grabbing pictures off the internet rather then drawing in monsters myself, for while I am a decent artist it would take far too long to draw all the pictures up.

So, its off to an exciting start. I haven't yet made enough cards to play a game, but that will come along soon enough I'm sure. The only real problem is that the 'cards' are only a normal paper thickness and will easily tear, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Oh, as a final note, Wizard101 beta is closing very soon and apparently us beta testers will get a unique item that no one else will get when the full game is launched. This might be enough to draw m back in as I haven't played for a while now with all the WAR hype going around.


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