I don't know about you...

...but I want to have a good PvE experience in WAR. I want to do a bit of raiding and and boss fights. As much as I love PvP and the whole idea of RvR I want to get my guild together, jump on vent, and run an instance. Now, Mythic have recently given a bit of insight into their PvE game and it looks very nice indeed with the three sections of an instance with various mini-bosses and a final master boss at the end. All good. What I am concerned about it that Mythic have hidden away the best PvE end game content in RvR, meaning that they have plonked some sweet instances right in the middle of the opposing forces' main city.

This means two things; you are forced to RvR all the way up to the highest lvl, fight off lots of baddies, hope that you have enough allies so as to reach the best instances. the I am thinking that you will need to grab your guild together real quick so as to run the instance before you lose control of the city. (unless of course you defeat the king) The other choice is you can RvR all the way up to the city, clear out huge amounts of enemies, hope that you have enough allies, and then decided whether to do the instance or not.

See the difference? No? Well, either you RvR because you want to do the instances at the end, or you RvR because you love to RvR and conquer. Either way you are going to want to RvR to get what you want. This is a clever tool by Mythic to encourage people to RvR as much as possible. I am sure that the rewards for completing a dungeon in the opposing sides' capital city will be enormous; something that everyone will desperately want. But this doesn't really work out too well for the PvE lover. Sure, they will be able to many of the PvE dungeons separately for some time, but in the end they will have the best PvE gear and the only way to upgrade will to be get to the capital city instances. This however could take a long time of doing something that they had hoped to avoid.

So WAR isn't going to be for the PvP-avoider or PvE dedicated, sure there will be plenty of stuff for them to do aside from RvR but only for a certain time. Let's hope that Mythic balance the PvE and RvR gear right because it would be a disaster if those PvE junkies rock up to RvR and are unable to do anything decently, or on the other hand, begin to annihilate those who did not do very much PvE, if any at all.


Thallian said...

Kanthalos posted a good thing along these lines yesterday on MMOREInsight. I think it is probably my main concern for WAR. I know I enjoy taking stuff over but does the common man want to fight other players doggedly to get rewards? Would he/she prefer to roll through dungeons instead? Maybe, maybe not. It just hasn't been proven is all. :)

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