Updating files...

No, I'm not going to talk about the open beta start, the NDA lift, and the filefront download because innumerable bloggers have already said all there is to say. Just to say that I won't be in the open beta, and I haven't been in the closed beta, meaning that I won't be posting tons of posts analyzing the game, highlighting the good and bad aspects of the game and making videos of each class. As I see it, most people have already made up their minds about whether they are going to play it or not and most probably bias videos from excited bloggers (This class is awesome!!! So much damage!!) aren't going to help a whole lot. That doesn't mean I'm any less interested in the game, its just I want to experience everything as new. My worst fear is that people will convince me otherwise to play the class that I am planning to. But, lets not talk abut that. Perhaps its time for another boring computer update?

It has been pretty much of a disaster. I kept getting stuck on one page for a couple of days while trying to install vista. A friend came over to try and fix it, I went over to another friend's place to try and fix it all with no luck. I contacted the seller and he asked me a ton of questions, and gave me lots of advice but it didn't work. In the end we figured out that the problem was most likely the hard drive, after hours and hours of tests. For a while I thought it was the motherboard which would have been painful to replace. The seller, who has absolutely excellent service, has just notified me that they will be sending a new hard drive over here to replace my faulty one. Hopefully this works because its already taken a lot longer then I had expected. Everyone I know is having a good old laugh because I did the worst thing possible by buying off of ebay, but thats life.

I am eagerly waiting for my next edition of PC Powerplay as they have a world exclusive on Spore. Thats right, a real spore review. Apparently EA changed their code of silence for the press from 25 August to 20 August just for them. It going to be incredible. Good reading.


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