Pox Nora

The world of blogging seems to be in a state of uproar. Bloggers everywhere are being consumed by the beast that is WAR. All of a sudden everyone is in the beta or just about to, after registering their codes. Countless tortured souls live with fear in their hearts of accidentally breaking the NDA. It would seem very odd then to talk about something not at all related to WAR, but this blog is about what I'm playing and thats not going to change. While I was on a guild's vent the other day I heard one guy talking about a game called Pox Nora. Supposedly there was a new expansion to it. I vaguely remembered seeing an advertisement for the game, and perhaps even checking out the website, but I hadn't played it. Since he was pretty excited about it I decided to go back to the website and see what to fuss was about.

It caught my interest, or maybe just caught me unprepared (longing after WAR) but I decided to give it a go. The download wasn't too big and I was soon going through the tutorial. Pox Nora is a strategy game in which you get a dozen or so runes, which act as warriors, spells, or something like buffs. You can only place down a certain amount of these runes a turn as they require something called Moga, which you acquire automatically after every turn. Each player has a keep which when destroyed ends the game. Pox Nora is quite strategic and will take one or two games to get used to, but even then its pretty fun. I played a few online matches and lost miserably but learned some new things. After the end of a match your units gain some experience, and when they lvl they get stronger. So far I'm enjoying myself so I recommend you trying it out.


Openedge1 said...

Personally, I wish to thank you for NOT talking about WAR.
I removed several sites I visited on a regular basis due to the new WAR emphasis.
Keep up the "different" information (for example, I have been talking about Guild Wars quite a bit)


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