More content - same reaction?

Remember just a few weeks ago when Mythic announced that they were chucking out a couple of classes and cities? I wasn't too concerned by the news as I felt that Mythic really were taking nothing away from the game because I hadn't experienced the game. However, I know this is different for those that were forced to rethink which class they were going to roll, and in extreme cases whether they were going to even play WAR anymore. Now as I look back I begin to wonder what people were actually getting angry and upset about.

People were angry because Mythic had sold them a product and then changed it 'completely.' They were angry that Mythic had changed the game dramatically just when everyone thought the game was ready to play. People were upset because they thought this signified that Mythic were not really near finishing at all. And of course, people were upset because their favorite classes had been removed.

Now I don't want to rehash the whole situation, and what I think of their ideas. I think I may have done it in a previous post anyway. What I want to suggest is what would be the response of the same people if Mythic had added instead of removed content to the game? I mean what if they had added a whole new race, with 4 new classes who could choose between Order and Destruction? What if Mythic made these characters amazingly good, and so much more interesting then many of the original classes. What if they had added in a ton of stuff that changed the whole concept of RvR? Would people get angry at Mythic because suddenly their favorite characters all of a sudden looks puny compared to the new classes? Would they complain that Mythic had changed the game completely just before the release of the game?
I'm sure there are many different things to discuss in relation to this topic and I look forward to hearing your comments.


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