Blizzard loves Warriors

It says something about Blizzard's attitude towards Warriors when you can level from 58-76 doing quite regular instance runs and not one piece of Warrior gear drops. Ever. The closest warrior piece that I saw was a Pally shield, which even though it gave spell power and intellect it wa s a massive upgrade from what I was heaving about. GG Blizzard.

WoW is holding back the MMO genre

I should have made this post a while ago, but have been pretty busy lately. Specifically, putting together a portfolio for an interview to go to a Uni, which is coming up this Wednesday. But anyway, let's talk about WoW.

In many ways WoW has disapointed me. The game has been out for a long, long time now, but I feel they have done so little with the content and oppotunities they have. Specifically, the leveling game. With Recruit a Friend the levels fly by, and days of content (Back in the day) are passed through in hours. The problem I have is that Blizzard have been hugely lazy, in focusing on bringing in more of the same end-game raid content, and speeding up players to reach that point. Thsi sacrifices a wealth of oppotunity with the single player.

One thing I loved about LotRO, was the continuing storyline that continued throughout the whole levling experience with your character. It was a great source to develop your character as a person, and supported your place in the world. In WoW its nothing like that, sitting at a very shallow, materialistic entertainment. My warrior is defined by the gear he has, the damage he can do, and how well he tanks. he isn't a character at all. I'm all for refining the leveling game to make it easier for newer players, but at least make it interesting! Instead of ignoring those levels and leaving them with all the 'kills 10 x's' couldn't Blizzard have used their resources to craft a unique leveling experience?

WoW is an arcade game. It redefined the MMO genre back in the day, but now it is holding it back. MMOs have so much oppotunity for awesome, but companies such as Blizzard like to stick with the working formula. I'm not saying WoW isn't enjorable, far from it, just that it is sad to see such a lazy piece of work the leveling game is. Well enough of that, I'll jsut leave you with my latest video of some open world Prot Warrior PvP.
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