Hey guys, its been a while since I have posted and I apologize. Things are getting pretty tough around here at the moment; school is getting a bit frantic as the teachers realize how much work we actually have to do to be prepared for exams, and I have started to write for WarhammerGamers which is a lot harder then writing for this blog, but still a great experience. At the moment I can hardly find time to write for them let alone for my blog so thats why there hasn't been a whole lot of activity. I have finally got my computer to work after a ridiculously long time and have tested out a few games which has been great. As it is, with WAR coming out soon, between it, writing for WarhammerGamers, and studying for school, I won't be posted very much at all, if anything.
Thanks for all your comments and support over the past few months, I have had a great time, this isn't good bye, just until next time.



Thallian said...

Is there a way to comment on that site's posts?

Chappo said...

I think you have to click on the heading of a post or the continu reading option to get to the screen where it allows you to make a comment.

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