I'm Alive

Yes, I still exist. Its been a little while since my last as did a bit of soul searching (of sorts) as well as a fair dose of hardcore lvling in WAR, but I'm back for another stab. At the moment I'm dedicating all my time to playing WAR and cramming in some study before exams in a couple of weeks but missed my misadventures on my blog so decided to start up again. Once again I will diligently blog my experiences in-game just so you can enjoy reading about someone else playing a game rather then you actually experiencing it for yourself.



Thallian said...

w00t! :D

Crimson Starfire said...

Hey dude, what server is your WAR char on? I figured you would be playing on Oceanic servers?

I've got Order characters on Anlec if you want to join up.

Good to hear your back ;)

Chappo said...

I'm currently playing on Ironclaw with my guild, ingame name Chappo...I did start a char on Anlec to grp with friends but my ironbreaker kept calling me back :P
But yeh, once I hit 40then I'll be happy to start an alt.
Thanks for the welcome, look forward to getting back into it.

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