Powerlvling Mythic

Ah, what the wonders of population imbalance can do! In an effort to confront the massive favoritism towards destruction Mythic have announced 20% bonuses both to xp and renown. When I heard this I wondered whether my realm would be lucky enough to receive the bonus but alas it was only for half a dozen random ones. Something I found funny was the fact that they put the faction that was getting the bonus up there with 'Order' in blue. What a suprise! Never would have thought of that. The real issue is whether it is going to work, and the answer imo is that it will not.

The reason people chose Destruction is because it looks the coolest, because Mythic have made it out to be the evilest and creepiest. (Between posh British people and Lord Byron on drugs who would you choose? Nobody even likes the British!!) Maybe the xp and renown bonues will persuade a few people to make alts there but it will not have any long lasting effect. As a final note, I believe that for all servers there is an inbalance and I know for Ironclaw there are a significant amount more of Destro the Order but not as much as others, but for only a half dozen of servers to be named for the bonus there must be a massive inbalance, maybe something like 4:1....5:1?



Thallian said...

Great points. Personally I didn't see it "fixing" the problem magically either. The Order side desperately needs slayers/hammerers or human tanks with no feathers (i.e. something, anything cool) Whereas the destruction side has cool in spades already and could use a "stupid" class just to make them feel better that Order gets slayers(or whatever).

Chappo said...

That's the first solution I thought of too but then we would probably get just a flood of people flocking to that particular class. So while it would balance the population a bit, everyone would be playing one or two classes. Perhaps something they could consider doing is just adjusting the armour ingame and making it look a lot sleeker and menacing, I think giving elves and humans boring looking horses was one of the stupidest things as well. I'm certain Mythic are still investigating other ways to fix the problem and this is just a temporary fix to work away while they look for a long term solution.

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