The quest for chapter 20 rewards

At rank 33 I was running out of decent quests in my area, and the mobs wee giving me very little experience. I tried to do some PQs to grind out some influence but the rewards didn't seem great enough to motivate me to do this. So instead I decided to do a little bit of exploring; running around the map and unlocking as many chapters as I could find. Soon enough I cam to the high elf chapter 20 which gave me a ridiculously good weapon which gave me an extra 8-9 dps. The mobs for this PQ were rank 38 and 39 classified as 'challenging' and 'dangerous'. With my breath held in anticipation I pulled the first dark elf and started hammering away at it. The fight took a bit longer then it would to take down a monster my level (With grudges up and the 'cave-in' ability ready I can take them down in around 10 seconds) but the xp was pretty big; around 800xp for each kill with no xp rest bonus.

Things moved along a bit quicker when I had my grudges up and I was able to take on a the level 39s which I probably couldn't without the grudges. I was getting a fair amount of xp but it was just taking too long and I still needed to kill around 300 more to get my epic influence reward. I quickly advertised in chat whether anyone wanted to help, and after about 30min and a bit more spamming someone said that they'd come along. He ended up being a rank 32 warrior priest, so a 33 and 32 tried together to take the PQ. This time we coul take on two mobs at a time but annoyingly it wasn't twice as fast and soloing so I wasn't really getting the great influence that I longed for. Finally a guildy came along; a 38 ironbreaker and we started rolling through it. Funnily enough we managed to finish the entire PQ with just us three. Rewards were trash (three green bags) and we had to split up after that.

I started to realize simply how much grinding this was going to take when I had barely reached the first reward. However, a couple more groups later, and a few more hours of killing dark elves ended up with me aquiring my ownage new axe. Blissfully I put it on with a sort of ceremony and what do you think I discovered? It looked exactly the same as my old axe.../rage. Mythic, please introduce the dressing room feature..this is killing me.


Crimson Starfire said...

Aren't you meant to be studying?? =P

Yeah the PQ and influence rewards really need a boost. Whats the dressing room feature?

Chappo said...

Can't study all the time. Just wrote this up while sitting around being tired..not actually playing as this was the last thing I did before stopping to allow for exam study.
Dressing room feature is where you Ctrl or Shift clicked on an item in WoW and it would bring up a screen where it showed your character model as it would look with that item equipped.

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