Gday everyone who is still checking out this blog, or have it still on google reader. It has been a long time since my last post as inevitably my enthusiasm for blogging ebbs and flows. Right now I have enjoyed close to nine weeks of holidays after my year 11 exams with one more week to go before the BIG year. Now I'm expected to begin to seriously consider my long term future and decide what I want to work towards. The fact is that there are so many things that I would like to be that it has been hard to choose let alone work towards. Journalism, fictional writing, and film have always been interests ( And as well, of course, gaming) and those will probably the things that I will be concerntrating on in the year to come. Hopefully I will regularly update this blog with things that I am working on, which will probably be mostly writing stuff as well as what is going on in my gaming world.

But enough of the boring stuff, lets move on to what is happening in my gaming life. Just a few weeks ago I canceled my subscription to WAR for the simple fact that I was not enjoying it anymore. I had been through two guilds that had started out great but as members drifted away the guild suffered. I never managed to get Chappo to rank 40 which was annoying. He was predominantly my soloing character and by the final few ranks were just too much of a grind. I think that really without a dedicated and active guild to roll with in T4 the game really lets you down.

I retired Chappo on rank 39 rr35 and started a destruction toon on Darklands. This time I decided to make it a bit more interesting by recording my advancement in the game and commenting on my progress. I posted these videos on Youtube and got quite a good response. I chose the sorcerer class to try something different and enjoyed a lot for a long time. I had an absolute blast in T2 and in early T3 but by the end of T3 the grind began and leveling came to a shuddering halt. In the end I just wasn't enjoying the game anymore because of the slow leveling and, in my view, lack of things to do at the level cap. My sorcerer was retired at rank 34 rr33 and such was the end of my WAR playing.

Maybe in a couple of months I'll come back to it but for now I shall look elsewhere. With WAR gone I am now looking for something else to occupy myself. I hear many people are going off about the upcoming PvP MMO Darkfall so I had a quick look at it, but frankly it doesn't interest me greatly. Maybe its time to return to LOTRO which I loved until I hit the level cap and found there was nothing to do. The new expansion looks great and Turbine are apparantly regularly releasing new content.

So thats what is going on here, hopefully I have a slightly longer surge of enthusiasm for blogging then last time and post regularly over the next year. Thanks for all those who are still reading and I'll see you round.


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