A sense of unacomplishment

I don't know about you but quitting an MMORPG as opposed to quitting any other type of game has always been more difficult. For most games I try and play the game all the way through, and if the game simply isn't fun then I would just stop playing without any regrets. If I do like the game then I would play the entire game through. If I really liked the game then I would play it through a number of times. If I don't like a MMORPG then, since nearly all the time I'm on a trial account, I would simply uninstall the game, no worries. However if I like the game then the problems start.

One of my favorite games of all time would be Baldur's Gate which I played when I was quite young. I must have started the game innumerable amounts of times; trying to get the best guy possible as well as the best group. Wow, that was a brilliant game. The game held my attention for so long that I even managed to finish it twice. But after that, I had tested everything and I had beaten the game twice so I really had nothing else left in the game to do. So the decision was easy and I uninstalled the game.

But in an MMO you can't finish a game unless your extremely hardcore gamer that dedicates his life to beating the game. (Which I'm not) Therefore, you will never get to the point where you can say I have beaten the game so there is nothing else for me to do. The simple nature of the MMO is that most of us will never finish the game and inevitably reach a point where we quit the game on the basis that it simply isn't any fun. It might take us different lengths of time to get to that point but in the end we will. And when we do quit like this there are always regrets about what we could have done in the game, and how it probably will get a big upgrade a week after we quit.


Anonymous said...

There are two things in MMOs that are different to single-player games..

1) As you said..there is no end. You can't beat the game
2) Friends; ones you know from real life..or just from games. This social contacts normally lead to a bonding to that game which has hardly anything to do with the game itself. This friends are imo those who determine fun in such games.
With good friends around the game can be really crappy and you will still have fun.. At the end of the day this is what matters. Did I have fun? At least I don't play games for extra-ordinary loot or such, but to have fun.

Chappo said...

Your right, it is true that having friends in a game can extend your enjoyment for it a great deal, but certainly only to a point. If the game truly is no good then surely most people would quit it regardless of their friends. There is leeway both ways.

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