Big consequences result in teamwork? A random PvP splurge (What does that even mean? Sounds gross)

If a PvP system has a harsh punishment for dying (Such as loss of one piece of gear) and it also encourages people to group together, would that cause greater teamwork between people? I don't think so. All it would probably do would be to cause pugs to fade into nothingness and no one would want to attempt to PvP without going with a bunch of people they know and can talk to on vent. Such a system would then lead to elite guild groups roaming the land and rolling solo/pugs n00bs.

So how would a game encourage teamwork within groups? First of all there will always be people that have no wish to help other people out and just want to grief others, so perhaps the best way to get these guys' act together would be to ensure that a group failure would result in everyone suffering. But this would just cause even more people to avoid joining pugs as the n00bs would stuff up their 1337 skills.

To band a group together and to cause them to work as a team a game would have to give greater rewards to the group as a whole but still penalties for the whole group if they fail. A group that shares the reward will work less as a group of individuals trying to get whatever they want, but as an individual group trying to work together so they all can gain something. Not only will they then want to play as a group, but they will need to because of the other groups striving for the same goal.

I was just thinking of the Darkfall/WAR kind of PvP system. In the end guild groups will rule the world, and there is little anyone can do about it except combat it with another guild group.
So, sorry about that random splurge, starting with me answering my own question, suggesting ideas and refuting them in the next sentence. :) I'm in a funny mood this morning. (Yr12 starts on Monday :P)


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