Digging out the old stuff

After quitting WAR a few weeks ago I have been getting out all my old games and came accross Test Drive 6 which I played as a young kid. TD6 is so ridiculously unrealistic that it surpasses being funny, then keeps on going till it gets back to being funny. It was funny how different I saw the game so long ago as apposed to now. I managed to finish the game very quickly and as there isn't any difficulty setting there really isn't any point to keeping it on the hard drive any longer, yet I can't do it. Whenever I'm slightly bored TD6 is there for a quick absurdly, stupidly, outrageously rediculous race. Just to illustrate my point I made a quick video of the game showing just how unrealistic the game is, not to make fun of the game because I love it, but just to preserve my fondest memories of the game.


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