Magazine Cover Design

After a fair amount of thought I've decided to use my blog for two things, slightly different from what I have done in the past. I'll be using my blog to show off my creative stuff such as stories and art, as well as doing what I have done for a while which is talk about gaming, or whatever game that I am playing at the moment. So let a new era of Chappo's Corner begin!

The other day a journalist friend came over to talk about perhaps some work to do with her to get some work experience, and she got me thinking about magazines. Now, some of you may know that I have subscribed to the magazine "PC Powerplay" and suddenly inspired I decided to design my own magazine cover. I was going using the basic design of "PC Powerplay" and put my own twist on it.

To do this I needed the program InDesign which is what most publications use to design the layout and such. So after an entire afternoon of messing around and experimenting I came up with this cover. Feedback would be great.


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