Creative Post #1 Wooooo!

So keeping in mind that I'm trying to use this blog to keep up my creativity I have decided to expose myself to ridicule by posting a short story that I wrote while I was bored, and to make it more interesting (suspense and stuff) I'm going to post the first half today and the second probs tomorrow. Its not particularly good or original, but anywho.
By the way, I just saw Slumdog Millionaire and it was very good, so if your thinking of seeing it, definitely go!

Videostore (Couldn't think of a decent name :P)

I coughed quietly. This was going to be tough, but I had come too far to go back on my word now. I had said I would do it. No, I couldn’t go back now, I’m no chicken.

I turn off the engine to my car which I had kept idling, hoping that I would lose my confidence and make my getaway before anyone noticed me there.

“What’s the matter mate? You chickening out?” Jona was sitting next to me, grinning.

Man, how I hate his guts. He’s the one that got me into this mess.

Na, this is going to be easy, no problems at all, and you are soon going to owe me 50 bucks, I say, trying to sound confident. I get out of the car and walk inside.

Blockbusters in the evening was busy and the store is bustling with rowdy kids, furtive parents, and pimply teens trying to nab the latest gory PS3 games. Great. Plenty of people to see my shame.

I waltz in, trying desperately to look as though I am simply coming to pick up a DVD. Funnily enough that is precisely what I am doing. I looked around. Great, it was a guy at the front desk. Perfect. Just perfect.

Suddenly a voice fills the store. It’s the guy at the counter talking on the loudspeaker. “Customers, we will be closing in 10 minutes, please begin making your way to the counter if you wish to purchase anything or rent out a movie.”

This is bad. I creep into the deep recesses of the store, where I can plan my next move. I find myself in the Anime section. I briefly consider grabbing a season of Naruto and count my losses but then I see Jona’s face. No, that simply was not an option.

Ducking down I scuttle to the Drama section. I bump into a kid who is running around like a madman screaming his head off, clutching a Barney DVD in one hand. He gives me a quick kick in the side and keeps on running. Lucky parents.

Finally, at the Drama section. I frantically start running through the letters. T…T…T. It should be here. Why isn’t it here? Relief begins to course through me. It doesn’t matter! Its not here, so there isn’t anything I can do about it!

I laugh ecstatically, and jump up. And stop. But Jona isn’t going to see it that way. He’ll make up some stupid excuse. No, I can’t lose. With everyone staring at me I shuffle up to the front desk. This is bad. This is very bad.

To be continued....


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