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From the beginning of my holidays (9 weeks ago) I promised myself that I would try and focus and begin writing my novel which I have attempted to write a number of times. Most of my stories get to around 10k+ words, then I peter out and leave them alone. The main problem that faced me I guess is that I had no clear idea of where I would go with the story and as such just wrote off the top of my head.

Now I've heard that this method of writing isn't completely stupid as many authors do that, but most plan out what they want to write, which makes the writing process easier. So anyway, despite my convictions I didn't really do anything till one week ago before I decided to get started. Over the past week I have been slowly filling out ideas for my novel in a notepad whenever I feel like it (Or force myself to do it) and I'm feeling slightly more confident that it possibly could go somewhere.

I haven't even begun writing yet as I am still working out a lot of the ideas, not to mention the plot, but its been fun so far. I have set myself the challenge to write a minimum of 500 words a day on this story with a final word count of 80k words.(Approximation/hopeful length)So if everything goes according to plan I will have a complete draft within six months at the latest. Listen out for hopefully more updates about my latest attempted novel in these spaces.


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