Moar Updates!

A couple of weeks ago our neighbour entrusted me with here two darling guinea pigs to take care of for a couple of weeks while she and her family were in Singapore. Strangely one of the guinea pigs died within a week of laying eyes on me so I guess I can expect a lawsuit any day now. :P

On a lighter note I've started playing a game called Spectromancer which is a tactical onlien card game with singleplayer elements. The game is free to play and is surprisingly entertaining with none of the usual micro transactions such as buying booster packs.

Everyone has the same cards which are chosen randomly each game, so while you might be slightly unlucky with the cards you get, its never hopelessly unfair. It makes the game even more tactical as you really need to be constantly working out what combinations are best with your randomly generated cards. It would be nice to be able to customize your deck by picking form cards available to everyone but there are various reasons why this isn't the case and the game doesn't suffer without it. So check out Spectromancer today because it is well worth the download.


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