Ten things I hate about you; Tor Anroc

Number one is the fact that I queue for everything yet only you pop
The second; even after the patch people run out of spawn and then afk stop
Third; every single bright wizard forms a separate group to farm renown
Number four is when Destruction reach the bauble before we get halfway down
The fifth thing I hate has gotta be the AOE knockbacks that throw half of Order into the lava
Six now and destruction fall back, running back from respawn could barely be further
The seventh hate is to die slowly from dots while standing next to a dps specced healer, /rage
Eight and I'm waiting 28 seconds for global rezz, gives me time to shout at that noob archmage
Number nine whine is when all Order squishies are pushed to spawn, then begins the blame game
And the last hate of all is 'Game over'; I'm top Order damage yet get half the renown of anyone else, now to get out and do it all over again

Those are not in any particular order and while it might not sound particularly great, or have no rythym or technical qualities, it comes from the heart...it comes from the heart...


Anonymous said...

Mate, you need to come and play some of the other matches :)

I ran Doomfist crater and Temple of Isha a few times last night and had a whole bunch more fun than I had in Tor Anroc. After you hit join all, remove yourself from the Tor Anroc queue. Queue times were lightly longer but not excessive (5 mins on Destro side) but certainly worth it.

Chappo said...

I think the problem was I was trying desperately to catch up to my normal rank after lagging severely behind, at that time I was grinding Tor Anroc, but I probably should definitely have done that to avoid the utter torture that Tor Anrco became. :P

Anonymous said...

I love being punted in the lava. Does everyone on order have a punt? Why the heck does my chosen punt a guy 2 feet, and an order toon punts me half the length of the map. I just don't get it.

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