The appeal of the melee frontline

Over at Wizards and Wenches there is a post that sums up a lot of my experience in scenarios as a tank really well. The deficiency of not only melee classes but also capable healers is a problem that results in being constantly pushed back. As an ironbreaker I just charge in there do as much craziness as possible then die and run back. I don't mind the dying part as long as I have achieved something before I do so. With Order's obscene amount of bright wizards at hand, all ready melt into a puddle of squishiness if a chosen or marauder so much as looks at him my method is not always so effective.

Funnily whenever I do a kamikaze run I target I always seem to target a squig herder or a shaman. 50% of the time I'll be able to take him down but even if I do there is no follow up by the rest of Order, they just won't push with me. So I die and the squig herder/shaman gets a rez and keeps on rolling. No matter what scenario I do there will be always at least four melee Destruction lined up to go beserk, and 4-6 bright wizards in my group ready to do piddly all. And I blame Mythic for this, surely at some point they realized that they were making Destruction appear to be by far the coolest faction and Order to be the boring old good guys, so lets look at their main, most played melee classes as opposed to ours.

Chosen - A crazy spiky warrior whose weapons and shields look fearsome, probably Destruction's favorite character.
Marauder - Not so much armour but arm mutates and does obscene damage, especially to a squishie. This class appears to me like a beserker, who barely can be killed.
Black Orc - This class just never ever seems to die. I've seen one black orc take on three Order for about a minute, just refusing to die. These big brutes are the ultimate in survivability.

Ironbreaker - IMO the best melee class; they are tough and reasonably good looking. With a decent healer and grudges up we can destroy everyone on the battlefield. Path of vengeance allows us to take down squishies so easily; knockdown, slow, they ded.
Witch Hunter - Squishie melee, while they look cool they cannot survive a decent fight and are constantly sculking around the place, picking their fights.
Swordmaster - Well, its an elf...who wants to play an elf? These guys look like they can barely hold up their massive shields. But they do tank well.

Witch hunters can barely hold a frontline so that leaves the job of being a wall to the ironbreakers and swordmasters and these two class just do not have the appeal of the three beastly Destruction classes. With the KotBS making a comeback hopefully later this year this might even up a little bit; hopefully they have added a little spice to the mix for Order, but I'm sure they won't be able to top the ironbreakers for sheer stunty awesomeness.


Anonymous said...

If you take the Marauder than the White Lion would be a more suiting counter-part.

The Witch Hunter is squishy and annoying like the Witch elf. Though I think that Witch Hunters die quiet more often than those elves.

Chappo said...

Good point, forgot about the white lion :P maybe the witch hunters do die quicker individually but to me the witch elves last forever, always tough to get at them in the midst of that hulking melee wall.

Thallian said...

the awesomeness (look and feel too) of destruction, as you say, is prolly the driving force in realm imbalance. Nice little write up

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