Professional bias

A few months ago I subscribed to the pc gaming magazine PC Powerplay. These guys have a very active forum which I visit occasionally and on the magazine feedback topic I heard that WAR got 7/10. I have not read it as yet because I live in the west and they like to take years to relinquish anything to us poor citizens but the main issues mentioned on the forum were bugs, population, and lacklustre PvE. Some of my friends always said to me that magazines are the most bias source of info/reviews/wahtnot ever and I haven't really noticed the fact so far (Mostly because I don't follow a lot of games) but with the WAR review it was kinda' obvious.

A couple of issues ago PCPP reviewed AoC, once again I haven't read it as I subscribed one issues afterwards, and guess what it got? A 6? A 7? Nope, a 10! It got one perfect score, it is a perfect game. And this was at launch people. 10 for AoC. What made it worse was the fact that they have a double page AoC advertisement directly behind the cover; the first thing you see when you open up the fresh mag. Now, I wasn't too concerned when my friends told be about the bias situation, but when it actually hits you with something you think is good and something you thi...know rather, is aweful and reverses that for the sake of advertising, it makes you kind of want to rage at the writer on the forum...which is what plenty of people are doing.

A last comment to make is that WAR never advertised in the magazine, they never got the front cover or a preview. (As far as I can tell) Its as if PCPP purposely ignored them for the entire period of time leading up to launch then finally realized that they mgiht as well fill some space and give it an average score. Poor form. I'm not against them giving WAR 7/10 (I would give it an 8 though) as long as they back it up not only with logical and reasonable words but also a fair attitude towards it. As The writer of the review said on the forums;

As the one who reviewed AoC, no I'm not "gun-shy" - AoC is still in my opinion, the greatest MMO yet seen on this earth, and I stand by my comments and score 100% You don't like it, fair enough.

Sack that fool
/end faboi-disguised-as-justice-seeker rant


Crimson Starfire said...

At the end of the day, the magazine has to pay the bills. If changing one number at the bottom of a review earns you $$ in advertising for the next 6 months, then whats the harm? Sure your readers will raise a few eyebrows, but you can keep the magazine ticking for another couple of months...

Sad really.

Melf_Himself said...

The harm is that if your readers are smart they'll see that your magazine sucks and go read something else!

(omg I fail at 'word verification')

Crimson Starfire said...

Sorry, I was being sarcastic... I really need to remember to add a note saying 'I'm being sarcastic'. I forget it's written comment with no tone. ;)

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