In a perfect world there wouldn't be blogs

In the past month there has been many new blogs popping up all over the place, some bloggers begin to post more, others slack off; enjoying the game. But a large majority of the posts around are ideas to improve the game, complaining about an aspect of the game, or just giving a autobiography of their toon. A month in and there is still plenty to talk about, the 'State of the Game' announcement, scenarios, PQs, population woes, and on and on and on. My point is that without the problems in game we bloggers wouldn't have a whole lot to talk about. If everything about WAR was great then we would only need to make one post 'Grats Mythic' and close our blogs.

So I guess some of the bloggers could thank Mythic for having the many problems, that it is only to be expected, but problems nontheless, for without it every WAR dedicated blog would have shut down a few weeks ago. Because we all know that rage posts and frustrated posts are a joy to read we should all thank Mythic for being only human (Or as human as a compnay can get) and giving us bloggers something to write about.


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