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So its been ages since I last post and a storm of things have happened in the gaming world! WAR came out....Spore came out...and a lot of other stuff as well, but those are the main ones. I didn't even consider paying Spore actually as never felt that it was truly deep enough to enjoy very much, many people were proclaiming it as the next greatest game yet after a few weeks it appears that there are signs of people viewing it as a time filler.

Ok, onto the interesting stuff. I am playing WAR! With a minuscule amount of money left from purchasing my new computer I had to borrow heavily from my brother to pay for the game. I bought it from the EA store and chose the download option, and this is where the problems started, or maybe they started a few days before.

A fellow guildy apparently received an extra open beta code and standard edition headstart code which he very kindly gave to me. Eagerly I jumped onto fileplanet to start the download but was met with a 500+ queue...treeek. I waited a little while but the estimate came up to be around 5 hours or so. There was another queue that appeared to be moving quicker so I joined that one aswell then went to bed.

In the morning I got up to find that I had got through both queues but that the downloads had started automatically so I had downloaded 2GB of one file and about 4GB of another. I quickly cancelled the shorter one and waited, shivering, for it to finish. Unfortunately, I had aimed to finish it all in my off-peak time but it was just taking too long so as the clock hit 12 the download came to a standstill. /rage. Another day that I couldn't play the game, and just sat around watching HD gameplay videos in full screen and pretending I was actually playing.

Next day the download finished, and after patching (which took a rediculous amount of time) I finally got to play....for about 2 days before the open beta period ended. I had great fun during that time but another problem was brewing. The dreaded war.exe oceanic rubbish stuffed me up so I couldn't play after the headstart. /rage. I tried downloading the new one that 'they' said would work, but no suprise when it didn't. Seeing no other option I decided the download the 10GB game for the 2.2nd? time. I downloaded it, it worked, I was happy. My adventure had begun.....finally.



Crimson Starfire said...

Yeah the war.exe oceanic problem really hit me hard as well. I ended up playing the first 4 days with my beta client.

Thallian said...

grats Chappo :)

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