A WAR interrogation - how elite are the bloggers? Part 3

Part three and today we get close and personal with Brent. Not only does he produce a great blog but he also made a bunch of vids on youtube before the NDA was lifted and they are some of the bet warhammer gameplay videos around, you can check them out here. But what is really important is the score so lets put brent through his paces.

WAR interrogation - how elite are the bloggers?

Identify yourself! (Blogger name – what blog – class)

My name is Brent, my web alias is br3ntbr0. I run the blog "A Wall of Text" at http://textwall.blogspot.com. I play a Goblin Shaman on the Thorgrim server and a Dwarf Ironbreaker on the Averheim server in Warhammer Online.

1) Where you at? (Normal rank – renown rank) - 4.5/5

My goblin shaman is level 22/20 (lvl/rr) on a low population server, so the PVE leveling has been slow. On a higher pop server my order characters are able to level via scenarios and I have a 14/14 Ironbreaker, 9/9 Rune Priest, 10/10 Warrior Priest and 8/8 Bright Wizard. I suspect my Shaman would be in his 30's right now if scenarios would only pop more for Destruction on my server ><

2) We want dedication soldier! (Average playtime every week) - 3/5

I play 2-3 hours nearly every night, and slightly more on Sat/Sun if schedule provides the time. I'd say I'm probably around 20 (give or take 5) hours a week, which I consider to be alot (probably too much) time with gaming.

3) On a scale of 1 to 10 how skillful would you rate yourself? - 4/5

I'm not a great twitch gamer, but I try. I might give myself an 8 simply because I have alot of experience with these kinds of games, and I'm an IT professional and I understand software a bit more than the average gamer. I try to be a student of any game I play and am constantly on the look out for new information that might help me be more competitive, especially with PVP based games. If there's a mod, macro, or piece of hardware that might help, I'll probably try it.

4) Who are you working with? (Class you like the most aside from your own and why) - 2.5/5

I like the Shaman and Ironbreaker the most right now, closely followed by Bright Wizard and Rune Priest. The Shaman is a really flexible character. He does good dps for a healing class, and since he's a healer he's a welcomed sight in just about an aspect of the game. The Ironbreaker is just the most annoying class to the Destruction side I can think of. Hard as nails, knocking people all over the map, snares, knockdowns...just fun. The Rune Priest is the best healer in the game (zealot too) and the Bright Wizard will absolutely wreck people if left alone.

5) Give me names (Class you dislike the most and why) - 4/5

I dislike the Witch Hunter, because they have crap survivability, and in these kinds of games survivability is my thing. With those classes, once you come out of stealth to attack someone in anything other than 1v1, you'd better pray you get spam healed or you pretty much die as others will turn to focus on you since you are squishy. There's no vanish-like mechanic to get in and get out. I'm not big on low survivability classes, which is the only reason the Bright Wizard isn't my main character in War either. The very first class I ever made in War closed beta long ago was the Witch Hunter and loved everything about the class...until I started doing RVR with him. The next one I made was the Bright Wizard, and while better in RVR (since he's ranged) but he was even less able to survive.

6) What do you really want? (If you could make up one ability what would it be?) - 2.5/5

Like I mentioned in earlier, if Witch Hunters had an emergency escape skill like the Rogues have in WoW...something in addition to their normal stealth...then I'd probably start playing one instantly. To the same end, if Bright Wizards had a 2nd crowd control skill I might consider playing him as well, something like the Blink spell that WoW mages have. I know the War/WoW comparisons have been beaten to death, but I think those classes in War would be well served to study thier WoW counterparts and bring something like those abilities in to War.

Time is up and the results are in, but just a few comments first.
You got good marks for keeping your RR up with you normal rank and pretty good leveling considering your play time.
Not a bad play time but not a particularly good one.
Go on...give youself an 11, you know your worth it.
I said aside from your own!!!! You named all the ones that you were playing!!!! If you can't listen to instruction then you had seriously better consider whether you belong here! *Stand over your cowering frame and leer*
Everyone hates Witch Hunters so you get good marks for that one.
Bright Wizards are already the most over powered class in the game except for their squishieness which stops them from being absurdly op, a blink ability would just make 50% of Order who doesn't already have a Bright Wizard main roll one.

Overall great job Brent and you have been awarded with; 20.5/30


br3ntbr0 said...

I was robbed. Do over! I am the 1337 one!

Chappo said...

If only you had given yourself 11 out of 10....you robbed yourself of 1337ness!

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