Calling all elitists!

After a bit of discussion my guild, Psygnosis, has decided to make our recruitment process a bit easier on those wanting to get in as we want more players in so we can have more of a hope capturing and defending keeps, as well as all the stuff we normally do together. (Scenarios, nude marathons, etc...) We are one of the smallest bestest guilds on Ironclaw with 20 members with members mainly from NZ and Aus.

How exactly absolutely awesome are we? Well, website ranks all the guilds in terms of renown gathered and we have the third highest renown per member on the server. (Don't trust everything you see on that website though, we are actually rank 16 now) But don't be too scared but how elitist we are because we are a great bunch of people that just want to cream Destruction. Head over to the guild website to check us out and say hello, bringing muffins always helps with the recruitment process...


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