WARNING: This post may contain some bizarre and nonsensical elements

Finished. Done dusted. The End. Exams are over but I begin school again on Monday so... :(
Yesterday while I was minding my own business and not doing any study I chances to hear some eerie music emanating from the study. I go and investigate and behold I find my little brother playing Runescape in all its wonder and glory. With. My. Dad.
Yup, my little brother playing Runescape with my male parental figure. Just thought I would share that as a little insight into my personal life.

But onto what I really want to talk about. If I had to draw a 'fun graph' of my time in RoM it would be like a kid on a trampoline who had drunk far too much red cordial. That is to say, big highs and big lows. And lots and lots of them. The reason for this is that the leveling system in the game is severely stuffed. As you level you will often hit huge leveling walls where you are simply forced to grind out daily quests until you level and more normal quests are made available. It would be alright if this only happened occasionally but, unfortunately, this happens continually in RoM. Almost every level now I get a massive boost as there are plenty of quests to do and the xp comes easy, but before long they all run out and I'm sitting halfway through a level with nothing to do. Then I have to spend the next 5-6 days grinding to the next level before I get another big xp boost.

The reason for this is easily explained: the developers want to make money. By slowing the player down they are encouraging them to buy some xp pots from the shop and hurry it all up. The longer the player plays the game, the greater the chance that they will buy something. However, there is a slight upside to all this; daily quests do give tokens which are essential in the end game. All the top players will tell you that you need to do as many as you possibly can to be prepared for the raiding and such. But while doing this daily quests may give us a benefit in the endgame, personally I would just like to actually reach the endgame before I die from smashing my head against the wall in frustration. Mum is already beginning to complain about the holes.

And in conclusion to this bizarre and convoluted post I leave you with another skull picture!


Teddlesking said...

thats sounds suckish, although im not a high level yet, this sounds like an off putting though :/. And i dont actually have ANY of the tokens from daily quests at all, i think i better start collecting. But now the gold/diamonds trade has begun in the marketplace, i bough a few diamonds for 45k, then trying to buy 1mil gold with it, then with that 1 mil buy more diamonds, and eventually get enough to buy a mount , YAY! but i have a feeling it might not work. BOO!

Chappo said...

Well, it looks like the developers are trying to fix it as they did add the recent 30-40 content, so maybe they'll get to the 40-50 after fixing up the more major issues :P

Thallian said...

grats on exams chappo :)

Teddlesking said...

yeh, i got 6 more exams left =(
but then after 9 weeks holidays Yay!

so its RoM time then ;)

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