Scouts nerfed again

Well everyone who plays one knows that the Scout is the weakest class in RoM at the moment and has been ever since the hard nerf they got shortly after release. Our damage is nothing compared to the rogues and mages, we have to spend a fortune on arrows, and we have to upgrade far more abilities to make certain skills decent or even usable at all. (See my previous post, as well as the posts on the RoM Scout forums, where people clearly outline the Scout problems) So the Scout has been broken for some time now, and it has been clearly broken. With the new patch being released today many hoped that Runewaker would get their act together and finally fix the Scout class and nerf the insanely OP mages. Guess what? They didn't.

Turns out Runewaker hates Scouts more then anything and completely overlooked all their faults and decided to nerf them a bit more, with the distances of most of our abilities being shortened. Now, as I have rarely done instances on my travels in RoM I haven't got a clear picture of how useful I actually am, but I'm assuming that when I hit 50 then few groups are actually going to want me. I am starting to think about making my Priest my primary class at least until Runewaker wakes up and does what they should have long ago. Sadface


teddlesking said...

wow, that does deserve not only a sad face, but an angry one ..
that sucks =((

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