The Elephant

World of Warcraft is the huge rampaging Elephant in the cramped smelly, sweaty room of mmorpgs. It holds a massive disco party for 20 hours a day, and then falls asleep for 4 hours but snores loudly, annoying everyone, and stuffing up their work. Underpaid denizens struggle for hours and hours, trying to ignore it, searching for something, anything that has nothing whatsoever to do with the Elephant and disco parties.

For every three lines they write they need to trash two because without realizing it they had gone back into the world of large mammals and bad costumes. Finally, a break-through! A frazzle-haired reed of a man, laughs crazily, madly, shaking his fist in in the air. He had done it! At last! A whole page and nothing at all to do with the Elephant or discos! Instead...well...instead there was something about a hardworking ant and a television that only showed static...riveting stuff.

The man jumps up and begins to ring all his friends, he riffles through the yellow pages calling random numbers, shouting excitedly, yelling about his great achievement. People are interested, they rush over. The man starts his own little disco party...everything is great, everything is perfect.
But then something happens, the music stuffs up, the dj doesn't know what to do, he tries to fix it, adding more and more records onto the horrible soundtrack, trying to cover up...its not working. Suddenly the disco ball explodes and all the lights go out, nobody knows what is going on....
In desperation, the man grabs his sheet of paper and begins to yell it out, trying to get people's attention, trying o get them to realize that he has actually written something that hasn't anything to do with the Elephant. But nobody is paying attention, they are all looking at something else.

The Elephant. Is. Breakdancing.

Everyone rushes over and the man is left reading of his paper, wondering what went wrong.

To be continued...


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