Morning Shows

Have you ever seen the couple of early morning kid’s shows that appear on weekdays? No? Be glad you haven’t. There are two channels on TV here that show these kinds of shows while the others do their sickeningly awful morning programs which you only watch hoping that someone in the crowd jumping around in the background will come up with a baseball and lop off the hosts heads…well, at least that’s the only reason why I ever watch it. But, I’ll leave that rant for another time, right now I want to talk about the kiddies programs.

On one of the channels they show various mangas about kids with no adults around messing around with cards that summon monsters and stuff. After that you have crazy turtle ninjas who say a lot, and I mean a lot, of bad calls. It’s all fun and excitement for little 8 year-olds who want to conquer the world by getting their parents to buy the many products advertised during the breaks, which incidentally are generally are a pack of cards or a ninja turtle bandana. Fun. The shows wouldn’t be so awfully bad if there weren’t so many little climaxes where one villain says to the hero ‘You will not survive…you underestimate my power…now you will die’ that sort of thing...and all of them come on right before an ad break. These happen so often that it gets to be a game you play to predict when the ads are going to come on.

Fortunately, this problem is not repeated on the other television channel. The ABC is a government funded thingy so it doesn’t have any ads at all. What it does have is even worse; programs like Sesame Street and the Wiggles. I would like to say right now that I do not watch these programs but have glimpsed them during the mornings before school.
I do not know what is so appealing about watching a massive yellow bird turning three high adults into kids so that he can have someone to play with, playing being running around in little circles laughing their heads off. I suppose however that this is rather good for the little kiddies watching rather then viewing something more realistic where all the little tackers sits in front of a TV watching Sesame Street.

These shows are designed to entertain and educate little kids. That’s pretty much all I can say about them. Bleh, I can just feel my head melting into a puddle right now, or is that from sitting in front of the computer for too long?


Briar Black said...

What, you don't like the villain of the show saying "You will regret this" every show? Then still getting his butt kicked, every show.

I like the writing style of your blog as well, reminds me a little of my own. Thanks for the comment, and I'll be checking back in regularly. Next time, I'll come without the over-used corny villain lines. Probably.

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