Aussie CE; why I'm not getting it

The WAR Collector’s Edition preorder was made available to those in Australia and NZ today. And I’m not getting it. The lowest price is from EB games at a cool $129.95. But I might have been willing to pay the 130 bucks to get the CE if there had been anything that really had caught my eye.

While I was first considering getting the game I had heard that is cost round 80 bucks which sounded pretty good to me. I wasn’t interested much in the books or figurine, rather the actual in-game goodies, like the guaranteed open beta pass, the early start, and the new head types. These sounded great and at first I was going to buy it, but then I took some time to think. I went into a cramped dingy corner for a while and thought.

While unpleasant as it was, it made me realise that the CE really didn’t offer me much as mmorpg gamer. Rather it was aimed at the warhammer fanboys who had played the tabletop game. Most gamers aren’t going to want a warhammer figurine, my guess is that shortly after release eBay will be packed with the things. The books look nice but once you start the game you won’t be too interested in looking at all the colourful pictures.

But the in-game items are what everyone wants. The option of the early start, open beta, unique items and quests, titles and faces seems crazily good, these are the things everyone will want. But think about it; Mythic are not going to give you items that will work right up until the top level, they can’t, it would be too unfair. The items will either last a certain amount of uses or the first 20 ranks. The quests and titles, while unique at the beginning will soon be replaced by the abundance of titles that the game will offer, which will result in people generally not even looking at each other’s titles, let alone recognise a CE one from any other. The same applies with the unique faces; nobody is really going to notice them after a few months, however drastic the changes are; helmets anyone? The early start sounds like a dream but even if it does go perfectly, and nothing breaks, and everyone enjoys themselves it won’t last long. An early start of even a week will soon be forgotten, probably within another week and it will count for nothing in a few months.

In the short run the CE stuff looks great and exciting, but when you start looking past the first few weeks it’s obvious that all the bonus stuff will fade away.
And that is why I am not going to cough up 130 bucks for the CE.


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