Timezone issues, and a rant about film reviews

I was just looking at my first post and apparently I posted at 2am in the morning which is not quite true. The actual time was around 6pm and I was being pressured to let my brother get on. Stupid free blogging rubbish...why didn't they know I live in Perth (Aus) and therefore adjust the timing to my timezone? Service these days has completely gone down the drain. So I think I'll probably leave the time as it is, as changing it would require effort and right now all I want to do is lie down, read my new book, and then watch NCIS...I'll probably give you guys a little review of them after I've finished.
Just because I am thinking of it right now I would like to have a little rant about reviews nowadays. I love reading movie reviews especially and the weekend newspaper that my family gets provides quite intellectual reviews on all the latest reviews.
Just for the record...intellectual reviews are rubbish. I am sick and tired of reading average reviews giving the average 3 stars and stating an average amount of good and bad stuff in the movie. Nobody wants to read a review that says a film is average! Who wants to read an evrage review about an average film? I certainly don't and so if I wrote film reviews I would give them from -768 stars up to 2 stars and then 4-5 stars...nothing in between.
The reviewers are doing nothing for anybody by writing toilet paper material. If someone gives a film a half star you are sure that tons of people are going to see that film just to say how bad it is.
The tiny number of stars or the max number will also capture the reader's eye as they browse the full page adds for some trashy celeb news. The only reviews worth reading and films worth seeing are those that are given the worst possible score or the best possible score.
To finalize this issue, people don't want to be whined at and convinced about the qualities of a film. They don't want to listen to the reviewers cite off all the clever camera angles that the film had. They want a simple opinion. Why don't reviewers give their opinion?? They will tell all the qualities and subtle production gimmicks of the film but will not tell you what they personally feel. As a result of this reviews are often boring and impassionate, and the reader cannot feel the agony that the reviewer has suffered.
The idea of course is that a reviewer who shouted at his readers and constantly give horrible and glowing reviews would soon run out of steam. But why doesn't anyone give it a try? At least for a while it would be popular and it would please me, which is a good enough reason as it is. I know I would keep reading those types of reviews.


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