What Do People Want to Hear?

I mean what do people want to see, read or hear? Well, ultimately they want to receive something that reflects what they believe, they want to be babysat; to be kept in their comfort zone. However many novels/films/acts gain massive recognition by offending people and brutally exploring issues that previously thought to be sacred. Surprisingly these shows often appear to be quite popular, not because they are particularly smart, original or talented but because they offer something that people have not seen. Turns out offending the masses is quite a good method of gaining a huge fan base. Last year an incident occurred on one of the most ridiculous shows on the planet; Big Brother, where one male 'imposed' himself upon a female contestant while another male held her down. The nation went into shock, the prime minister went off his head as did most of the parliament and most significant of all; the ratings doubled. Says something about society

So I guess if I start to writing trashy articles and add disgusting videos to the blog my readership would skyrocket. Some conclusion...and its rubbish. But its true and the person that a I am more then willing to point the finger at is the media for making such a big deal over the stuff. A few weeks ago Miley Cyrus, hugely popular singer/actor from the kiddies show Hannah Montana got dragged into the spotlight for appearing semi-nude in a photo shoot. I was watching an early morning program and the hosts appeared totally disgusted about the picture drivvling on about how they wouldn't want their kids to see the photos, all the while largely displaying one of the photos in question on the screen. It would be quite amusing to me if those kids were, at that moment, watching their parents on tv and then being shown their favorite singer nearly naked. The point is that they were the ones to publicize the photos, they were the ones that made a huge big deal about it and brought the photos out of obscurity and into the wonderful world of telly where any kid could see the photos. I hate people like that. Stupid media, because they know that showing this rubbish will get people to watch. Brainless.


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