New Computer; A Lot of Money

Well for some time now I have desperately wanted to get a new computer. Our family has two at the moment although one hardly deserves the name. It’s about 6 years old, rough estimate, and can barely handle running Microsoft word and picture manager at the same time. It also has no internet connection and the disk drive doesn’t work. So for the most part that computer is used for nothing and so there is a titanic battle to get onto this one. For some time I have been trying to convince my Dad that we need a new computer, but he remains unconvinced, so it’s up to me to buy it myself.

I have picked out all the bits and bobs and the total comes to $1700, great, 800 more then what I have. The main reason that I want this computer is I don’t really enjoy the times when the computer simply gives up trying to run smoothly. One second it is running a program smoothly, then the next we get a half hour of lag, obviously we need a new processor. When we play games we always have to put the graphics on low others the game become unplayable, even on low it runs at about 30 frames per second. So we need a new graphics card then. But with a new graphics card you need RAM to keep up, so I need an upgrade from our 1GB slot to at least 2.

And inevitably, as a computer gets older more and more of the hard drive is filled up with various junk. This computer has only 160GB of space which is sadly lacking in times like this, so I need a new hard drive preferably with around 500GB, anything over that you would never use.

With all these new parts I would basically need some more fans and a new case, which basically all adds up to new computer. *sigh* Only 800 bucks to go….only 800 bucks to go…


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