Youtube Magic, Lame Comments and David Blaine

A few months ago I had run out of interesting things to do and as a result started trawling youtube for amusing videos. Obviously in those few months we were constantly going over the download limit with 1 or 2 weeks of it being renewed. At this time I was really interested in card tricks. There are many different videos that come up if you type in 'card magic' and many of them suck. Generally they are very simple and unprofessionally done.

However if you spend enough time searching you do find some truly good magicians such as as this fellow. But one of the most popular and well known magicians spreading across the Internet is a 'street magician' David Blaine. He has done all sorts of crazy stunts such as breaking the world record for holding his breath under water for like 16 minutes, all to prove that...well, I don't actually understand what he is trying to prove. Which shows two things; he is genuinely talented and committed unlike some idiots performing magicians that use gimmicks for the magic (Ill post about that later.) And secondly it shows a lacking in brain cells...why go to so much effort and stress and torture just to get into a book in which everyone only ever looks at all the colourful pictures.
I mean he could have bought like 500 broken staplers and gotten into the book. People these days just don't think things through.

Anyway, David Blaine's popularity has sparked many ripoffs of his tricks. The most ridiculous thing I saw were these 13 year old Arab kids explaining how Blaine 'hovered' a few inches above the ground. Of course all it had to do with camera angles but that didn't explain why they spent 5 miserable minutes speaking gibberish and thinking that they are oh so clever.
Indeed a popular parody of Blaine's street performances has grown so popular the videos have got more hits then some of his own. Many whinging fatties have complained through the abused comment system of youtube proclaiming that they can do way better tricks then him and somehow they don't get 10 million views for filming themselves goofing around. While Blaine does do some fairly simple tricks his performance manner and timing is superb, and his half stoner drawl is kinda funny.


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