Random Videos Explained

As you might have noticed I have added some pics to the side of my blog. This comes after some helpful advice from a fellow blogger. These are actually links to various vids from Youtube which are some of my favorites. I'll post 2 new videos each week and I encourage you guys to send me your favorite vids and I might just put yours up there.
This first week's batch are quite interesting. The first video was one I made a few months ago when I was really into speed drawing on the internet. Many other artists are on Youtube because of the amazingly detailed drawing that they did either on photoshop or MS Paint. The latter being much simpler and harder to get a lot of detail in. The problem I had with these people was that they always were taking shortcuts such as making a shape then filling it in with a colour. While there of course is nothing wrong with it I consider it to be less of an indication of the artist's talent. Also it generally it takes them at least 2 hours to do it. So I decided to make up a drawing on the spot and do it as quickly as possible. And that video is the result. I sped it up a little bit so its not quite so boring.
The second one is crazy, while you think it is just an ordinary boring video the real shock is at the end. Perhaps later I'll write a mini-review for most of the videos.
So I hope you enjoy a bit more variety in the blog, and keep coming back for more.


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