Hmm, I recently typed in 'Chappo's corner' into google and the link to my website was not there. I dabbled a bit longer and found that the link to my previous web address 'chapposopinion.blogspot' was still there, of course that link leads to nothing which is very confusing...I was wondering why I didn't get my usual 2 million hits. (I wish) Ah well, being technologically backward in these regards I have no really idea what is going on except I guess that it hasn't been updated by blogger as yet.


Crimson Starfire said...

I was wondering why I wasn't getting any of your RSS feeds. You changed your blog url. I recommend not doing that, as it screws your readers and google searches around. Don't forget to add your blog's site map to google webmaster, it will greatly increase your hits.

Also cheers for adding my blog 'Word of Shadow' to your blog roll, yours is going on mine ;)

Chappo said...

thanks for your help, have now changed it back to the url of chapposopinion.blogspot

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