Early Bloggers; Ads, Money, Traffic, Money...Quality Please

Nowadays it seems as though everyone starting a new blog is desperate to get as many people viewing it as possible. They often install counters that keep track of the amounts of people who visit the site and add the Google Adsense in the hope of generating some extra income. But does this really do any good? I mean, for the earlier times in your blog you might be full of enthusiasm and ideas but most probably you aren't going to be writing particularly well. Whereas if you wait for a month or so before advertising your blog your writing will probably have improved and there will be more things for a new reader to read.

I understand why people want to keep track of how many people visit their blog as it would be an encouragement and motivation to keep on keeping on but it won't improve your writing. As soon as your focus shifts from having fun and writing your blog to making sure that a large amount of people are actually going there, it is most probable that your standards are going to slip. The blog will most likely lose substance and quite probably you will begin putting in much more images. We all want an audience and there is nothing wrong with keeping track of the numbers of readers but I think way too many early bloggers only focus on this aspect.

And lastly ads. From what I gather most bloggers put in ads to gain extra revenue from their blog without doing a whole lot. This links back to getting as many readers as possible; more readers must mean more ad clicks generating more revenue. While I am not an adsense expert by any means, it doesn't take a genius to work out that they aren't going to pay you $5 per click, more like $0.05 per ten clicks. So you aren't going to get much money from that, but the main issue is that it looks bad. Too many times I saw blogger that had started posting a few days ago and their blog was covered with ads and barely any actual writing from the blogger. Not professional and not interesting. Concentrate on your blog, focus on your writing and everything else will follow.

This post really comes as a venting of my anger at the numerous amounts of websites and bloggers constantly posting ways to make money and ways to get more traffic. I am no expert on any of these issues, all my conclusions are based upon observation. I try to keep my blog tidy and entertaining and while it may not be totally professional I like to think it has character. Good luck bloggers...quality matters.


Thallian said...

thanks for the advice :) I think common sense isn't all that common anymore and hence there's so much the more reason to share it.

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