Bit of a Whinge; Exams and Jobs

Well I got the results back from my first ever exams today. I got a pretty good mark of 79% for maths but only got 66% for English which is quite annoying as I had been averaging 78% so far. Of course everyone at school is in a feeding frenzy over each others score and the biggest peeve is that there is always someone who did better then you, no matter how well you think you did you know that someone did better...somehow. Of course they spent hours upon hours making notes, compressing, summarizing, making more notes, summarizing, making palm cards, organizing a study group or partner to go over stuff together, go to the library and picking out books that are related to the topic, making notes from them, know, all of the things that you couldn't be stuffed doing and they get 5% higher then you. Big deal.

School at the moment seems completely pointless to me as I don't feel that anything I am doing is really helping me to get a job, which ultimately is what I want to get. I have thought about the jobs that I would be aiming for and the list ended up to be rather large; a journalist, a novel writer, a portraiture artist, a comic strip artist, a director for television shows or movies, or just a plain old billionaire. My job choice comes at a pretty irritating time as Western Australia is in the middle of a mining boom, housing boom, construction booms, overall things are booming. As a response to this the government has started all these apprenticeships to encourage people to get into construction. Turns out they do this only when the demand is extremely high and they only bothered to produce these apprenticeships in the construction industry. So now everyone can easily get an apprenticeship in construction but only in that. It doesn't help that we can't leave school unless we get a full time job that is training focused, which really don't exist in any industry other then food and construction. The government has done a rubbish job on this, as it left it to the last moment and only implemented something that is narrow minded and focused on a short term plan.


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