First post; exams and terrible movies

Hello, well this is my first ever post so I guess I can celebrate my 1st blog entry anniversary! I have just finished my first ever exams so the past couple of weeks have been quite stressful..not from doing actual study but from stressing about studying. By the way, just so you know, studying really is a waste of time just before exams. Think about it; for the past 15 weeks you have been not studying and you think that in the few hours before your exam that day you are going to learn anything new.
But suprisingly the other day I nearly started studying for my English exam, which I now realise was totally pointless. My family were heading off to see the new Narnian film; 'Prince Caspian' which by the way I am sure is trash as supposedly Susan and Caspian kiss at the end which is stupid.
Don't you hate it when they take a story or a franchise that you like a mess it up because they can't think of anything original, other then what has already been done a thousand times very badly and they just made it one thousand and one?
They did that with 'Eragon' which was a legendary book but the movie failed so badly. Supposedly the actor tried out for the part as a joke and had no acting experience before...which I guess shows as my right toenail could act better then him.
Anyway, back to today i had 5 hours of cramped writing with various people around me sniffing heartily away with their colds. I had media in the morning which was much harder then I originally thought, of course I hadn't studied for it because studying for media theory is a waste of life. Anyways, we were presented with a couple of pictures of odd scenes such as a run down flat and a man in like if fire suite on public transport, and we had to write up a storyboard or script based on that pic. In the end I chose to do the man in the suit. I made up some quite cool rubbish about him being the last man on earth and was almost finished when I realised that my story had nothing to do with a man in a firesuit on public transport. As a result my story was completely stuffed up but I don't care...its media theory.
After that trek I had my English exam which I will not talk about as it went really, really, really, really badly, and all those smarmy nerds that had actually studied smiled smugly at each other and compared probable percentages.
But its all over now and so I am looking forward to doing nothing for the next couple of days which will probably will translate to a couple of posts. Its been fun so far and I'll talk to you later.


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