Ramsey; F--k = Hype, Popularity, and Hyphens

I don't know about you but we seem to be getting a deluge of Gordon Ramsey of late. He already has his two hugely popular cooking shows every week, each running for an hour, he is constantly in the newspapers over his coarse language, and just the other day I read and interview with him in a magazine. As usual they blather on about the hype coming from his foul mouth, and commending him for his determination not to give into pressure and curb his wayward tongue. Excuse me while I scream.

The idiots in the media know and Ramsey knows that it is because of the language that the show is so popular. The writer of the article seemed almost impressed that Ramsey was going not going to change his ways to appease some random mothers. Ramsey claimed that the swearing was part of his life, and he wouldn't change for anyone. Well, lucky for him that his nature involves him getting tons of cash from the soaring ratings.
The other absurd thing that Ramsey claimed was that he hated the media and the television aspect of what he does. Poo to him as you can literally see him glance at the camera every time his rips into one of the brainless chefs on the show, liberally swearing all the while. One of his shows Hell's Kitchen pits 12 contestants against each other, all fighting for Ramsey's approval and a restaurant of their own. These contestants obviously take from Ramsey's approach to cooking and also spend most of their time cursing their teammates, the other team, and the world in general. The whole thing is a joke.

The ridiculous thing is that if you swore like that as a chef in a normal restaurant away from any camera's either your staff would leave you, or you would simply be fired. The whole thing is an act which Ramsey badly puts on to push up the ratings. He may be a really good cook, but I can assure you that before Ramsey climbed to the rank of 'celebrity chef' he would have been just as tame as any other professional chef.
Perhaps the most sickening thing about that article was the fact that each F word was hyphened out to F--k. As the article contained quite a liberal dosing of these you would get the feeling that perhaps the 'u' and 'c' keys were missing from this guy's keyboard. But why do they put hyphens in? Is it to prevent young kids from understanding what the word is? Though if they can't then I don't think they would be reading a long article about a cook. Or is it so that they do not offend some people but not putting in the extra two letters? Everyone knows what he is saying and the fact that that the writer has put in the hyphens insults the reader. If the writer really was filled with admiration of Ramsey's language, then why did he censor his writing. The whole article reeks of a set-up. A means just to get more people to watch. Gordan Ramsey could talk about the family pet and still incorporate every second word as F--cking, its not hard to swear. But it appears hard for Ramsey not to swear and stay popular.

The icing on the cake would be from the stupid old lady that has to write in about every article in her beloved magazine. She commended Ramsey's for his language and determination and all that trash. I hate people like that. Stupid old lady probably only watches the show because he looks hot and has a British accent.

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Tom said...

I have to admit that I am a massive G Ramsey fan! But I appreciate your comment that he has used a persona to build himself up a career. Also, by making fun of other celbrity chefs he has managed to make himself stand out from the rest of them and, in the UK at least, has created this attitude that he is the 'real chef' and the others are poorly trained amatures.

But is there anything wrong with creative marketing? Simon Cowell done it perfectly with Pop Idol etc...

Incidentally my wife fancies both of them.... is there any hope for our society?????

Love the blog. Have linked it from my site. Feel free to link back or have a look at my site -


Chappo said...

Thanks for your comment. While I don't think there is anything particularly wrong with the way Ramsey markets his shows, I consider the persona he puts on is one that should not be commended.
To act coarsely and rudely may be a creative marketing technique but it shouldn't be something that is commended by society in my opinion. There is room to move around in this area but I fear that Ramsey is using it to a much greater and unacceptable degree.

Anonymous said...

I am a chef, almost all chefs are as bad if not worse than Gordon in a kitchen, suck it the FUCK up and get over it..

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